How to Recover Instagram Deleted Messages

Instagram message recovery

Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms, is preferred by millions of people today. Since users can message through this platform they use, Instagram also asks questions about restoring old messages . Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram messages ? We also felt the need to create this article about restoring deleted messages on Instagram .

Recover Instagram Deleted Messages

How to Recover Instagram Deleted Messages

We will explain everything you need to do to get Instagram messages back or see old Instagram messages, item by item. Please complete the process of seeing Instagram deleted messages by reading carefully.

  • Enter your Instagram profile and click on the “three lines” in the upper right corner.
  • Enter “Settings” on the screen that opens.
  • Go to the “Security” section in the settings.
  • In that section, click the “Download Data” button.
  • Your e-mail account will appear in the window that opens, if not, write your e-mail account connected to Instagram in that section.
  • In this part, press the “Request Download” button and enter your password and say “Next” from the upper right corner.

After completing the steps described above, your data will be sent to your e-mail address in approximately 48 hours. According to our observations and feedback, this process is completed in approximately 2-4 hours. After you see the email sent to your mail account to restore deleted messages on Instagram , click and open it. Click on the “Download Data” button that appears and download all your data


About Instagram Recover Deleted Messages Apps

One of the most curious subjects of Instagram users is the applications to restore deleted messages on Instagram . Applications to see deleted messages are not very reliable, as are many applications on other topics. In addition, since such applications are usually third-party applications, your data and account will be compromised. Our advice to you is to stay away from all applications and programs that promise to restore deleted messages on Instagram .


‘Messaging’ from the Web Version of Instagram

At the beginning of last year, the computer messaging feature came to the web version of Instagram. In addition, as you know, many transactions made through the mobile application could be done in the web version. The messaging feature was previously only available from the mobile application. With this feature,   you can continue your messaging from the web version of Instagram . In addition, you can access the messages by logging into the Instagram website while at your computer.

The chat section in the Web Version of Instagram works the same as the mobile app. In addition, users can send messages to more than one person, like messages, send photos and emojis over the web.

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