How to reinstall Windows 11 while deleting or keeping files

With Windows 11, you can reset a computer with just a few clicks. However, several options will be presented during the process and you may have questions: should I keep my files or remove everything? Should I reinstall Windows from the cloud or on-premises? You can find all the answers here.

How to reinstall Windows 11

The first thing you need to do is access the Windows 11 recovery area. You can find it in the section System under the section Recovery or recovery.

Configure Windows for System RestoreConfigure Windows for System Restore

There you will find the button Reset PC (Reset PC) that will allow you to start the reset process.

Reset the PC from the configurationReset the PC from the configuration

From here, follow the steps in either of the following two sections, depending on what you need to reinstall the system.

Reinstall Windows 11 and keep the files

In the window Reset this PC (reset this PC) you will be presented with two options. The first is: Keep my files (keep my files). Choose this option if you Restore Windows 11 while keeping your personal files want. Note, however, that your apps will be deleted, as well as any settings you have made.

Keep all user filesKeep all user files

The next option has to do with the type of installation. Windows 11 can restore your computer to the latest image released by Microsoft thanks to the Cloud download-buttons. However, if you want to reduce network consumption, you can opt for a local installation with the button Local reinstall decide.

Reinstall Windows from the cloud or locallyReinstall Windows from the cloud or locally

Before you’re done, you’ll see a summary of the options you’ve chosen on the screen. Click on Change settings or Change settingsto see some additional options.

More PC reset optionsMore PC reset options

Do you want Windows 11 to restore the preinstalled applications after resetting the computer? These are manufacturer-installed applications that add their own functionality to your computer. If yes, enable the option Restore preinstalled apps bza. restore preinstalled apps.

Reset pre-installed applicationsReset pre-installed applications

Confirm your settings and start the Windows 11 reinstallation process.

How to reinstall Windows 11 and delete the files

If you use your computer delete completely because you might want to sell it or give it away and want to remove your personal files, it’s best to click on Remove everything (remove all).

Remove all user filesRemove all user files

In this case, you can also choose whether to install from the computer itself or from the cloud.

Fresh installation from the cloud or locallyFresh installation from the cloud or locally

About the link Change settings or. change settingsn you can see some additional parameters.

Change the settings by deleting all filesChange the settings by deleting all files

If you have the option Clean data activate, Windows 11 runs a more thorough cleanup of the storage drive so that the files cannot be recovered later. This procedure is longer but safer.

Delete data from the systemDelete data from the system

With the button Confirm you confirm your choice and ask the system to reset your computer.

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