How to remove the rain in Minecraft and change the weather

To change the weather in Minecraft, there are several commandswhich can normally only be used on islands where we have creative rights.

In its Android version, Minecraft makes it easy to enter some commands via a simple menu. To access it, tap the dialog-shaped icon at the top of the screen.

Tap the speech bubble icon to bring up the chat menuTap the speech bubble icon to bring up the chat menu

The chat box will open. Now tap on the button with the “/” sign.

Tap the bar to see some commandsTap the bar to see some commands

A menu opens with various settings Spawn to change, to teleport, to change the time or to change the weather. To remove the rain, tap Weather.

Tap Weather for commands to change the weatherTap Weather for commands to change the weather

Three options appear:

  • Clear
  • Rain (Regen)
  • Thunderstorm

tap Clear (delete) and the desired command appears already typed in the text field.

Tap Clear to clear the skyTap Clear to clear the sky

Now just tap on the button in the lower right corner to “send the message”.

The command is accepted with the Enter keyThe command is accepted with the Enter key

After a few seconds the sky clears completely. You will see a message on the screen indicating this change by command.

The sky begins to clearThe sky begins to clear

Change the weather with commands

If you prefer to type commands with the touchpad, here is a list of commands you can use to change the weather:

  • /weather clear
  • /weather rain
  • /weather thunder

The first command is used to clear the sky, the second to make it rain, and the third to start a rainstorm.

If you want to know what the current weather is like, you can enter the following command:

  • /weather query

The game reports the current weatherThe game reports the current weather

It is also possible to add a number at the end of the command to specify the duration in secondsalthough these parameters will not work properly with weather changes.

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