How to reply to messages on Instagram

Instagram has a Instant-Messaging-System, with which you can get in touch with other users. Here you will find the different methods of replying to direct messages on this social network, so read on.

How to reply to specific messages with a quote

The first way we suggest to reply to Instagram messages is to use quotes. This way your contact will know that you are replying to a specific message from them. Just tap the Messenger icon. It’s in the top-right corner of the screen.

Open Messenger on InstagramOpen Messenger on Instagram

Then tap the conversation you want to send your reply to.

Choose a conversationChoose a conversation

Long press the message you want to reply to. Choose an emoji or tap Replyto write a text message.

Tap the message to replyTap the message to reply

As you can see in the screenshot below, the reply you send is nested within the original message.

Appearance of the quoteAppearance of the quote

This feature is only available when using Instagram Direct with the Facebook Messenger was integrated. Unfortunately, not all users have this feature enabled.

Reply to messages from the notification

Another easy way to reply to a message you received on Instagram is through the notification itself. When you get a notification that someone else has messaged you, open the notification curtain and tap Reply.

reply buttonreply button

Enter your answer and tap the arrow icon in the text field.

Reply from Instagram notificationReply from Instagram notification

This way your reply will be sent immediately even if the application is not open.

Reply to messages from an unknown account

If you have a message from a unknown account received, Instagram will set it aside until you acknowledge receipt. You can view pending requests under the Request tab in the Messages section.

requests for talksrequests for talks

Tap on the username to see the message you received.

Choose a conversationChoose a conversation

If you want to reply, tap Accept.

Allow sending and receiving of messagesAllow sending and receiving of messages

If you don’t want to contact the account that sent you the message, use the buttons Delete or Block.

How to reply to a message in the conversation itself

Finally, we’ll tell you the easiest way reply to messages on Instagram can. We’re talking about general replies within a chat. First, open the Direct Messages section.

Access to Messenger Access to Messenger

Click on the avatar of the user you want to reply to.

Select conversationSelect conversation

Type your message into the text field. You can also use other methods of answering, such as B. voice memos or sending pictures.

Write a messageWrite a message

When you’re done typing, use the send button to immediately reply to your contact.

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