How to save Spotify music to SD card

Spotify is now one of the most popular music services. In fact, we can say with certainty that this is an important part of the history of online music. Over time, apps have evolved, offering users more and more options. In this guide we will focus on the possibility of Save tracks to SD card, if you use Spotify. how can you do that Read on to find out.

How to save Spotify tracks to SD card

Spotify offers in its official android app an option to select the destination of the downloaded tracks. This way you can decide whether the files should be transferred to the SD card or to the internal memory. The biggest advantage of this option is that the music you download with Spotify does not take up any space on the internal storage. This allows you to use your device’s storage space for other tasks, such as installing software.

If you Spotify tracks to SD card If you want to send, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Spotify Settings panel Start.
  2. Scroll down the list of settings until you see the section Others find.
  3. Click on Storagewhich opens the save options.
  4. Select SD card as destination for songs saved offline.

Steps to send Spotify music to SD cardSteps to send Spotify music to SD card

As you can see, the steps you have to follow to transfer all the downloaded music to SD card are very simple. However, you should not forget one thing. In order for Spotify to allow you to download, you must Have Spotify Premium and your SD card must be larger than your device’s internal storage. Only under these circumstances is it possible to send music to the external card.

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