How to schedule messaging on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the default communication tool for millions of users. Although it is constantly updated with new features, the company has never had one Scheduling tool for sending messages integrated. It is therefore not possible to request WhatsApp to deliver content at a specific date and time and also to do this automatically. If you need this feature for any reason, you will have no choice but to resort to third party apps.

Basic permissions and privacy considerations

In this article we will show you how to use two applications to schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent. Before we show you the step-by-step process, however, we need to make a few notes about it.

You should know that both tools request a set of permissions to perform their functions. after you let them Both Wasavi and SKEDit have full access to WhatsApp and can control your conversations. The purpose of this feature is of course to automatically send messages or other content. In fact, we are not aware that these applications have caused any problems for users. However, it is our duty to bring this fact to your attention, because if your privacy is important to you, you may prefer not to use it.

Programming WhatsApp messages with Wasavi

Now that it’s clear that the applications we’re talking about require sensitive permissions that can impact your privacy, let’s first look at Wasavi.

After the installation and the start you click on Allowto get started.

Granting the first permissions for the applicationGranting the first permissions for the application

Allow Wasavi to be displayed on top of other applications so it will show you a pop-up menu whenever you use WhatsApp.

Allow display over other appsAllow display over other apps

Next, you need to grant access to the accessibility features. This is necessary because Wasavi needs to control the screen to send scheduled messages.

Allow access to accessibility optionsAllow access to accessibility options

Add the service by clicking the slider.

Release Access PermissionRelease Access Permission

Return to the application configuration screen and click Finish.

Grant permission for contactsGrant permission for contacts

Before you start sending messages, you need to allow the tool to access your contacts.

Grant permission for contactsGrant permission for contacts

When you’re on the main screen, tap this Plus (+) and select the option Schedule Message (schedule message).

Schedule new messageSchedule new message

Add the message recipients at the top of the screen. Then set a date and time for the message to be sent and whether you want it to be sent periodically. In the Select App section, you should of course tick WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. Finally, decide whether you want to receive a notification before sending or attach a file. Enter your message in the text field below and click the send button.

Enter the date and content of the messageEnter the date and content of the message

It is possible to check pending logins in the relevant section of the main menu of the application.

View scheduled messagesView scheduled messages

Ten seconds before the shipment is sent, the following warning appears:

Pre-notification of scheduled messagesPre-notification of scheduled messages

At the end of the countdown, Wasavi opens WhatsApp, clicks on the relevant conversation, writes the message and sends it. If you sit in front of your phone, you can even see the process happening automatically.

Scheduling messages in WhatsApp with SKEDit

A good alternative to Wasavi is SKEDit, where you can do something very similar.

After installation you will be prompted to register. You don’t need to if you check the box below and click Skip (skip) click.

Skip registration in the applicationSkip registration in the application

Allow the application to access your documents and internal storage.

Allow access to the device's internal storageAllow access to the device’s internal storage

Similar to Wasavi, tap the bottom right button and select WhatsApp out.

Create a new scheduled WhatsApp messageCreate a new scheduled WhatsApp message

When you use SKEDit for the first time, the application will ask you if you want to grant the necessary permissions. In the pop-up dialog that appears on the screen, tap the Enable Accessibility button.

Allow access to accessibility optionsAllow access to accessibility options

choose SKED from the list of applications to continue.

Accessibility options for the appAccessibility options for the app

Here, too, you activate the use of the corresponding service by tapping on the slider.

Provide the necessary accessProvide the necessary access

When you return to SKEDit, you have several parameters available to create a scheduled mailing. Add recipients at the top. Below you write your message and add attachments if necessary. Finally, you set the date and time and the repetition, if necessary. You can also ask it to warn you before sending. Save the scheduled message using the confirmation button in the top right corner of the screen.

Enter message, content and contactEnter message, content and contact

In the tab Pending you can see all your pending shipments.

View scheduled messagesView scheduled messages

In this application, the process is carried out in the same way. Thanks to access rights, SKEDit can control WhatsApp by tapping the screen to send the message.

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