How to See FPS in Games

With the increase in computer players and the development of hardware, performance from games has become a very important factor. This caused the players to want to examine the performance they received during the game in more detail. As such, many developers, including NVIDIA and AMD, have added the FPS display feature to their applications.

FPS (Frame per Second ), the meaning of which is known by almost everyone in the game world and actively playing games , means the number of frames displayed per second. This means that as the FPS value increases, the fluency increases. In games, if the FPS value drops below a certain rate, even for a second, it may mean that the whole game enjoyment is undermined.

There are many methods to keep the FPS value high. The most important of these is to know the equipment used well. If the system requirements of the game you will play are far above your current hardware and you have not adjusted the graphics settings accordingly, the FPS drop will be inevitable. You need an FPS display tool to detect whether you can get enough FPS in the game and to be aware of instant drops . Although some games offer this counter as standard, most games do not have these tools built-in. As such, many applications have been released that perform the function of displaying FPS in games .

6 apps with FPS display tool:

  • Bandicam Screen Recorder
  • Fraps
  • GeForce Experience
  • RadeonPro
  • Razer Cortex
  • Dxtory

Bandicam Screen Recorder

How to See FPS in Games

Bandicam Screen Recorder, which is actually a screen recording program, has been used by some content producers for many years. Bandicam, which also contains settings specific to recording games, has an add-on that allows you to see the FPS even if you do not record. It is worth remembering that the color of the FPS counter is green when the recording is turned off, and red when the recording is turned on.


Program Show FPS in Games

Fraps, which has been preferred by content producers and players for many years like Bandicam, is one of the oldest applications in this field. Although the screen recording feature works limitedly in the free version, you can use the FPS display setting of the application for free and unlimited.

GeForce Experience:

Program to See FPS in Games

GeForce Experience, developed by NVIDIA for its customers, is an important application for people using NVIDIA graphics cards. GeForce Experience; It comes with many options such as driver update, game optimization, screen recording and FPS display. Moreover, it is possible to record and share instantly with the ShadowPlay feature in the application.

RadeonPro :

Programs Show FPS in Games

RadeonPro, the AMD version of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience application, is almost identical to GeForce Experience in terms of features. In addition to the FPS display feature , RadeonPro also offers the option to add post-record effects to the images.

Razer Cortex

Programs to See FPS in Games

Developed by Razer for game and system optimization, Cortex allows users to play games at full performance by automatically closing applications running in the background . You don’t need to be using any Razer product to use Cortex, which also has a customizable FPS counter.


Program to Show FPS in Game

Dxtory, which functions almost the same as Fraps and Bandicam and is developed by ExKode, is one of the simplest applications to be preferred for users who only want an FPS counter. Dxtory also promises some options to customize the FPS counter in it .

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