How to Sell Fortnite Skins for V-Bucks

In Fortnite, it is not possible to sell skins to other players in exchange for V-Bucks. However, there is an option to get back the V-Bucks we spent on skins, dances, backpack accessories … Of course it can happen that we accidentally buy something or regret a purchase, and for these cases Epic Games has set up a special option to return V-Bucks.

How to get your spent V-Bucks back

First of all, two conditions must be met:

  • The purchase must have been made within the last 30 days.
  • You have not used the V-Bucks return option 3 times.

If we meet these requirements, we can request a refund. From the platform’s home page, we click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

From the platform home page, click MenuFrom the platform home page, click Menu

On the right side we are now looking for the menu settings and click on it.

Click on SettingsClick on Settings

In this new screen we go to the menu Account and Privacy and click on the icon with the shape of a head.

Click on Account and then on Transactions or Payment HistoryClick on Account and then on Transactions or Payment History

In this new menu we must “Lifetime refund” and click “Request a Refund”.

Click Request RefundClick Request Refund

Here we can see the number of “wildcards” we have left to reclaim those V-Bucks, as well as any add-ons purchased in the last month. We tap on the one that we want to return.

Click on the purchase you want to cancelClick on the purchase you want to cancel

Next we need to indicate one of the three reasons that appear:

  • Accidental purchase
  • Unverified purchase
  • Item not as expected

It doesn’t matter which one we choose, but we must click one of them.

Choose the reason for the refundChoose the reason for the refund

Now we have to “confirm refund” click.

Click Confirm RefundClick Confirm Refund

Now we just have to click “YES, I would like to request a refund” click. danger! This is the last step. If we continue, we’ll get our V-Bucks back, but we’ll also lose our wild card.

Click YESClick YES

The game then tells us that the return was successful.

The refund has been madeThe refund has been made

This way it will work. Don’t forget that you can’t make too many mistakes since there are only three wildcards. Also remember that this option does not apply to all purchasest: some packs, battle passes or purchase of battle pass levels cannot be returned, so again we advise you to be very careful when purchasing in Fortnite.

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