How to send disappearing photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp developers have been implementing certain ones for some time Functions related to data protection, especially in terms of interaction between users. One of the most striking is the ability to send photos and also videos that disappear once viewed.

If you want to send multimedia content and want it to be deleted after opening, follow these steps. First, open a conversation and click on the camera icon. It’s on the right side of the message text box.

Send photo or videoSend photo or video

Take a picture or select it in the gallery. This feature also works with video files or audio recordings.

Select file to sendSelect file to send

Before sending the photo or video, click the icon to the left of the Send button. It is represented by a circle with a semi-solid border and a number 1 inside. Send the content as soon as the feature is activated.

Enable delete after viewingEnable delete after viewing

If the user has the media file open and closes the viewer again, it will disappear. In fact, it turns into a message, as you can see in the screenshot below. If you click on it, nothing happens.

Deleted video after viewingDeleted video after viewing

This function is very useful in some cases. Although this is a privacy protection feature, it does not prevent the recipient from making a copy of the file. For example, the application allows you to take screenshots or recordings while viewing. Likewise, no one can assure you that other users will not take a picture of the screen with another device. In fact, there is no data protection method that is 100% infallible. It is therefore advisable to think twice before sending sensitive content to other people, even if this option is enabled.

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