How to Send Long and Heavy Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp limits sending files to a maximum of 16 MB for photos, videos or voice memos, or 100 MB for documents. That prevents you send long and large videos to your contacts. Is there a way to bypass this limitation? In this article we will show you two ways to do this.

Send compressed videos with Video Compress

Video Compress is a video compression application that will allow you to reduce the weight of your multimedia files and send them via WhatsApp.

After downloading the APK from this page and installing the app, you have to click on the icon to run it. Then open the folder that contains the long video you want to send.

Browse folders with videosBrowse folders with videos

Select the file to continue the compression process.

Select a video to compressSelect a video to compress

Then tap the button shown in the screenshot below to start the process.

Compress the video using the appCompress the video using the app

open the tab Low Quality and scroll through the different options until you find the first one which is under 100MB.

Select quality and sizeSelect quality and size

Open WhatsApp and send a document to your contact after the process is complete.

Send the documentSend the document

Click the first button to open File Explorer.

Find other documents in memoryFind other documents in memory

Select the video that results from the compression process. Keep in mind that it should be less than 100MB.

Select the videoSelect the video

In the pop-up message that appears on the screen, tap the confirm button to send the video.

Send compressed videoSend compressed video

The other user gets the compressed video. As you can imagine, the display quality is worse than the original file.

How to send a video to Google Drive without compression

If you want to send the whole video without sacrificing quality or original resolution, it’s best to upload it to Google Drive (or a similar service).. The only requirement is that you have enough space on your drive to save the file. Use the plus button (+) to continue.

Add a folder in Google DriveAdd a folder in Google Drive

choose Upload from the options box at the bottom of the screen.

Upload file to Google DriveUpload file to Google Drive

In the file browser, select the original video.

Select uncompressed videoSelect uncompressed video

Wait for the upload to finish and tap the three vertical dots menu next to the video.

Open options for the uploaded videoOpen options for the uploaded video

Copy the file link to the clipboard.

Copy link to videoCopy link to video

Paste the link you just copied into the chat.

Send the link to the video via WhatsAppSend the link to the video via WhatsApp

Once sent, your interlocutor can view the video in the cloud or download it to their device, preserving the original resolution.

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