How to send photos and videos via WhatsApp without quality loss

WhatsApp automatically compresses the pictures and videos sent to your contacts, so the copy they receive will be of lower quality than the original file. Is there a way to avoid these disadvantages? Yes.

How to send multimedia files on WhatsApp without compression

The easiest way to send uncompressed media on WhatsApp is to send them how to send a document. It’s easy to do by clicking the clip icon.

Open options for sending file attachmentsOpen options for sending file attachments

Then tap the Documents button to send the uncompressed video or photo.

Send a document via WhatsAppSend a document via WhatsApp

Then tap the top button to have WhatsApp open File Explorer. This way you can see all documents on the internal memory of your device.

Search for other documents in internal memorySearch for other documents in internal memory

If you want to send a photo or video that’s stored in the cloud, it’s important that you download it to your phone first. Only then will it be displayed in the Android file explorer. Once you find the file, click on it.

Select image from memorySelect image from memory

Confirm by clicking the button in the pop-up message Send click

send attachmentsend attachment

As you can see in the screenshot below, the image doesn’t resize, it’s the same as the one that appears in the browser window.

File was sent with the same size as the original fileFile was sent with the same size as the original file

Your interlocutor can download the image like any other document, preserving the original quality.

WhatsApp limits for file attachments

WhatsApp limits the size of files sent through the platform as follows:

  • Photos, videos and voice messages. Files up to a maximum size of 16 MB. The application compresses most files to a maximum of 16MB. This usually equates to between 90 seconds and three minutes of video.
  • status messages. Videos with a maximum length of 30 seconds.
  • Documents. Maximum size of 100MB. Therefore, you cannot send files larger than this, including videos or photos, using the steps above.

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