How to set up Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter

Twitter is another social network with its own platform for direct messages. Thanks to this function, the opportunities to get in touch with other users are multiplied. In this way, the company offers a private space in which two people can discuss personal or work-related topics undisturbed. Now this Twitter feature gets a very interesting new feature: direct message pinning to the inbox. Do you want to know how this works?

How to pin messages to your Twitter inbox

To access this option, lade first download the latest version of Twitter to your device. Then open the Direct Messages section by pressing the envelope icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Access to the Twitter inboxAccess to the Twitter inbox

Select one of the active conversations. Remember that you Pin entire chats on Twitter, not individual messages. Be sure to long-press any of the icons to see more options.

Choose a conversationChoose a conversation

From the pop-up menu, tap the Pin Conversation button. You select this option if you want to put the conversation at the top of the list.

Pin the chat at the topPin the chat at the top

The look of your inbox will change quickly. You can see the area above Pinned conversations, where the chats you’ve pinned or pinned are grouped. The rest of the conversations fall under the category All conversations.

Pinned ConversationsPinned Conversations

To chat from the area Pinned conversations to remove it, you just have to follow the same steps as above. Then tap the option in the chat options menu Unpin Conversation. You should know that Twitter maximum six chats at the top of the direct message list.

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