How to share Google Play purchases on Android

Want to share your Google Play purchases with other family members? Now it is possible. Open the Google Play application and sign up for the Google family plan. To do this, tap the three stripes icon in the top left corner.

Press the icon to enter the menuPress the icon to enter the menu

Look for the Account section.

Go to the Account sectionGo to the Account section

From the top menu, tap the Family tab.

Look for the Family tabLook for the Family tab

Tap the green Sign Up Now button.

Press Sign up nowPress Sign up now

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the registration by adding the members of your family who should have access to the app. Several windows will guide you through the process, in this tap on Sign Up.

Tap Sign UpTap Sign Up

Set up the main family account and tap Next.

Press Next at the bottom of the screenPress Next at the bottom of the screen

To set up this feature, you must set up a credit card as a payment method. Tap Next to start the process.

Warning that a card is requiredWarning that a card is required

On the next window, tap Setup.

Press SetupPress Setup

The following steps cannot be displayed. The system prevents taking screenshots as they contain sensitive information. In any case, you must fill out a form with all the necessary information about the payment method you have chosen.

Once that’s done, you’ll get a prompt to start adding content to your library.

Start adding contentStart adding content

You have to choose how the functionality behaves, whether you want all purchases to be approved automatically after they’re made, or you’re the one who manually adds content to this well-known library.

Choose the behavior of the functionChoose the behavior of the function

In the next window, you can start inviting family members or skip this step. You can add members later. In this case we tap Next to do this.

invite family membersinvite family members

Select the contacts in your address book you want to invite and tap Send at the bottom to send them an invitation.

Select the contacts from your listSelect the contacts from your list

When you have sent all the invitations, you can complete the configuration by tapping this button.

Configuration completeConfiguration complete

If all went well, the Family Library section should appear in the three-line menu. Tap this option to see your compatible purchases with other users, whether they’re games, apps, movies, or books.

Family Library in the Google Play menuFamily Library in the Google Play menu

To unblock a paid application, tap the three stripes icon and go to the My Applications & Games section. Select the “Installed” tab, find and tap the app you want. You’ll see the Family Collection option next to a slider. If you activate it, it will turn green and the whole group can use this application.

If you want to share an app with your group, remember that you can only share apps that have a house logo with a heart from the Google Play family collection.

Paid game compatible with Family SharePaid game compatible with Family Share

In addition, subscriptions cannot be shared and most applications with a sharing option apply to purchases made on or after July 2, 2006.

If you go back to the “Family” tab and tap “Family Collection Settings”, you can choose different options depending on the content.

Family Library settingsFamily Library settings

For games and apps, if you want to automatically share all purchases with the group, add previous purchases to the collection, or select each purchase manually, select the appropriate option.

Settings for apps and gamesSettings for apps and games

Possibly one of the most interesting features of the Google Store, enjoy its advantages.

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