How to share someone else’s Instagram story

Instagram Stories have proven to be a successful content format. Here you will find videos, photos and graphic works of all kinds. You may be wondering if there is a way to share stories with others. In this article we answer this question.

Share any story via a link

A good way to share a story with other users is via the link in the story itself. Just open the relevant user’s content from the top bar of the Instagram home page.

Open a profile's storyOpen a profile’s story

Then tap the three vertical dots to see more options.

Open the context menu for the storyOpen the context menu for the story

Copy the link and paste it into any other application. You can even paste them into an Instagram direct message. On the other hand, you also have the option of Share to to share.

Share or copy linkShare or copy link

This allows you to send the link to other applications directly from this screen.

Send story via other servicesSend story via other services

Keep in mind that the user you’re sending the story to must have an Instagram account. If the account is private, they must also have access to it before they can see the content.

Sharing options in a story I was mentioned in

When you’ve been featured in a story, the sharing options expand. Go to the story and open the additional options by clicking More guess

Share a story you were mentioned inShare a story you were mentioned in

Choose one of the options you see in the context menu. These are all good ways to share the story. For example, if you choose Save Photo, you can send the content from your device’s internal storage. You can also share the story via Instagram Direct with Send To. You can even post it on Facebook.

All sharing optionsAll sharing options

If you choose Instagram Direct, all you have to do is select the recipient and click From you click.

Submit via Instagram DirectSubmit via Instagram Direct

Eventually, the user will receive the story in their inbox.

Share a new story with other users via mentions

The last of the methods we suggest for sharing a story is to add mentions or I mentionns. First, use the editor options to create the content.

Create a new storyCreate a new story

Next, add text and an at (@). Start typing the username until it appears as a recommendation at the bottom.

Mention other usersMention other users

Complete the story by sharing it with a specific user or the whole world.

Share with everyone or just specific usersShare with everyone or just specific users

Instagram notifies the named users via direct message. Everyone can see and share the stories on their profiles.

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