How to show WiFi password in Windows 11

With Windows 11, you can find out the password of the WiFi network you’re connected to in just a few simple steps. This is what you need to do to view the password on your PC.

How do I find out the password for the WiFi I’m connected to?

It’s very simple: open the system search by either clicking on the icon in the taskbar or by pressing the key combination Windows + S and control panel (control panel) enter

Open the Control PanelOpen the Control Panel

This is how you get to control panel, an area for advanced Windows settings. You should click the link there Network and Internet (network and internet) click. This will take you to the network connection options on your computer.

Network Options in Control PanelNetwork Options in Control Panel

Next, two new configuration categories will appear on the screen. In this case, that’s what we’re interested in Network and Sharing Center(Network and sharing center) located above Internet Options.

Center for Network and SharingCenter for Network and Sharing

The Control Panel will now show information about the wireless network you’re connected to. You need to find the link that takes you to the advanced properties view. It’s usually on the right side of the window, next to the connection summary or label Connections.

Open the WiFi network propertiesOpen the WiFi network properties

Everything you have done up until now will lead you to Status window of your WiFi network. This is a dialog similar to the one used to view the properties of a file or folder. Click on the button Wireless Properties (wireless properties), to continue.

Properties of the WiFi networkProperties of the WiFi network

Another pop-up window opens that contains more information about the network. There are two tabs on the top. Click on the tab Security or securityto display the security-related parameters, such as the standard used, the encryption and the security key. The latter corresponds to the WLAN password. Put a tick in the box Show characters (show signs) to show it.

Show wifi passwordShow wifi password

The dots disappear in the text field and the key for the WLAN network is displayed. You may need administrator privileges to view the wireless network password.

How to ask WiFi password in Windows 11 – step by step

  1. Press Windows + S and type Control Panel
  2. Go to Network and Internet (network and internet)
  3. Now go to Network and Sharing Center (Network and sharing center)
  • Open the advanced properties view
  • Click on the button Wireless Properties (wireless properties)
  • Go to the tab security
  • Check the box Show characters or show signsto see the WiFi key

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