How to sign out of Google Play

Sign out of Google Play is not that easy and has consequences. In fact, you’re not just unsubscribing from the store, you’re completely disconnecting your smartphone from that email address.

go to the settings your Android phone or tablet. On most devices, you can get there by sliding the screen down and tapping the gear that appears at the top. You find settings also in the application menu of your mobile phone or tablet.

Open settingsOpen settings

Look for the entry in the menu Users & Accounts.

Go to the Users & Account sectionGo to the Users & Account section

Now look for your Google account associated with Google Play Store and click on it.

Select the email account associated with Google PlaySelect the email account associated with Google Play

Now click on the option remove account.

Click Remove AccountClick Remove Account

Confirm the process in the popup. If you did everything correctly, your Google account will be deleted and you can sign in to Google Play with a different account.

Confirm the account deletionConfirm the account deletion

Before following this guide, note that this process will Unlink your Google account from the device. This can affect the applications that work with it, e.g. B. Google Maps, YouTube or Google Play Music. You can also lose messages, contacts, and other data related to the device.

Google Apps do not have a logout button on Android, since both systems work together on a more fundamental level. Therefore, in Google Play Store, the classic trick of deleting app data from mobile or tablet settings doesn’t work and it’s time to change something.

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