How to speak in Fortnite

To the Enable voice chat in Fortnitethe first thing we have to do is tap on the menu icon: the one with three horizontal lines, located in the top right corner of the screen.

Access to the menuAccess to the menu

After that we have to get up Settings (settings) type.

Tap SettingsTap Settings

Now we tap on the speaker icon and scroll down to find the Voice Chat Find options on that On should be asked. Likewise, we go for that Voice Chat Method before when we between Push to Talk and Open Mic depending on whether we prefer to tap the screen to speak or let everyone listen directly with the microphone open when we’re playing with friends. Once in a while it can happen that Fortnite switches itself automatically. So if your friends can’t hear you anymore, you should Voice Chat Method check to make sure you Open Mic activated.

Check if chat is enabledCheck if chat is enabled

It is also important at this point to check the voice chat volume. This setting allows you hear your teammates louder or quieter. Conversely, your friends cannot hear you better or worse with it.

Check the voice chat volumeCheck the voice chat volume

However, if you’re the one who can’t hear your friends, make sure you’ve turned up the volume on your smartphone.

Party Channel oder Game Channel

Fortnite offers two voice chat channels. To see them you have to tap on the menu icon and then on Voice Chat.

View people connected to voice chatView people connected to voice chat

  • Party Channel: All players who are invited to the group are in this channel. This is the channel you will use when playing with friends.
  • Game Channel: The game channel is the one we enter when we play games with unknown players with the option Fill spielen.

We can always choose between both options. This is useful because, for example, if we are with a friend in Squads we can choose to play only with our friend im Party Channel chat or even with the other two members of our squad by all of us with the Game Channel associate.

One switch between chat channels, just tap the one you want to be in. It will then be activated automatically while the other is deactivated.

We can change the voice chat channel by touching the channel we want to be in.We can change the voice chat channel by touching the channel we want to be in.

If we Push to Talk enabled, a microphone icon will appear on the screen. By tapping on it we enable/disable our microphone.

By tapping on this icon we mute or activate our microphone.By tapping on this icon we mute or activate our microphone.

If we have a very loud member in the group, or if he just creates an echo as soon as he is in the same room as another player, can we mute himby clicking on his name and then on Mutis the tip.

By tapping on Mute we mute a playerBy tapping on Mute we mute a player

With all this explained, we should be able to communicate perfectly with our friends.

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