How to take the first successful steps in Brawl Stars

To successfully get into Brawl Stars, there are a few Common sense rules to be observed, which we will explain below.

If you’re a newbie, you should take full advantage of Shelly

Shelly is the game’s starting brawler and the most recommended brawler for newcomers. It is very well balanced, very fast and versatile and responds fantastically at short and medium distances. Most of the action during a game also takes place in these parameters. So it’s a good idea to become comfortable with these distances and learn to deal with them before moving on to other character types.

Character details by ShelleyCharacter details by Shelley

Avoid all other classes for now, especially support classes. You have to get particularly good at the gameplay, which means that any character who doesn’t have enough stamina or damage capacity is automatically eliminated.

Improve your characters with brains

A very common mistake that all players in the world make (whether in this title or others) is assuming that they have to have extremely strong characters that can handle any situation. And while this way of thinking isn’t bad in itself, it’s actually not the most efficient approach.

Button to upgrade a brawlerButton to upgrade a brawler

Do you want to own characters with maximum power? All right, but keep in mind the following rule of thumb (and it works pretty well): figure out which brawlers work best for you in the different game modes, and focus on leveling them up, and only those (until they level up, at least). ).

Crazy character upgrades only result in wasting coins that you might have better use for later. Always keep this in mind.

Get to know each brawler well

We just stated that certain brawlers are better or worse suited to different game modes. There is a stronger objective component to this statement than might appear. There are statistics that say that e.g. B. Frank is much more effective at Brawl Ball than Pam, for example. Knowing which character best suits which type of game is important to keep in mind.

Brawler selection screenBrawler selection screen

Also, it’s a good idea to try to get the most out of each new brawler you win so you’re aware of their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. In this way, you will also assess much more clearly how to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses and avoid defeats. With this you will be able to develop a game strategy much faster.

Don’t try to run until you can walk. You will still have enough time to experience everything. For now, focus on gradually getting to know the game and the different modes it offers, improving the characters that interest you the most.

Being the star player is no longer important

One of the many things that has changed since Brawl Stars became a global phenomenon is the Star Player thing. In the past, being the best on your team (and thus in the game) could earn you Star Tokens, which you could then exchange for a Big Box.

star player of a teamstar player of a team

Since Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Mega Boxes now appear as part of the rewards that can be earned by completing objectives throughout a season (another concept added to Brawl Stars), it no longer makes sense to be the star player when it comes to leveling up (or getting new brawlers).

Nowadays, the Star Player’s only use is to increase your overall experience level (not that of a specific PJ) and brag about it.

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