How to troll in Fortnite

There are many ways to troll around in Fortnite, especially when playing with friends. Here are a few ways to play pranks in Fortnite.

Give your teammates a real scare

If you have a teammate nearby and a loudly firing gun such as a sniper rifle or rocket launcher, you can take the opportunity to fire them. If your teammate is wearing a helmet, they will hear a massive noise next to them, causing them to jump out of their seat.

Kill a teammate

When you’re playing as a team, there’s no friendly fire, so killing your teammates is tough, although there are a few ways. For example, if we destroy the base of his building, we can make him fall from a great height. Another possibility is, to pelt him with shock grenades towards the stormcausing him to gradually lose life.

For example, if he is in a meadow or in wooden buildings, we can use an incendiary weapon; the fire will hurt him. Ditto for stink grenades, which can gradually drain him of life. But keep in mind that after that it might be your last game with that teammate.

Dance after a kill

After a kill, some players like to do a dance to taunting their eliminated opponent. Of course, the taunt has cost more than one player a headshot and subsequent taunt… and he who laughs last laughs best.

Lock in a bucket and set a trap, a trolling that is difficult to escape fromLock in a bucket and set a trap, a trolling that is difficult to escape from

Kill with a pickaxe

This is perhaps the most humiliating type of elimination in Fortnite. Killing someone with a pickaxe is far from easy for two reasons:

  • each pickaxe only drains 20 life points.
  • You have to be close to the enemy to land a hit.

Some players use the pickaxe to deal the coup de grace to their enemies, after these are pretty much done. In Fortnite you can see how much damage you’ve done at any time. So if you’ve just taken 180 points from an opponent…you know that with just one pickaxe blow they’ll be dead.

Put a rival in a bucket and set a trap

One of the funniest pranks is using an opponent’s proximity to put them in a cube and set traps all over the walls. Some traps can drain 100 points at once. So if the opponent isn’t agile enough, he might try to get out of this one bucket trap to escape, to die.

Lock in a cube and set a trap, a troll action that's hard to escape fromLock in a cube and set a trap, a troll action that’s hard to escape from

Of course there are many other ways to troll in Fortnite, some of which are only possible in certain seasons with certain items or weapons. also remember not to annoy your friends too muchotherwise they might not be friends anymore.

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