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How to Turn Off Auto Macro Mode on iPhone 13


How to Turn Off Auto Macro Mode on iPhone 13

how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13

One of the great features in the iPhone 13 series is the wide-angle lens. You can take macro shots with the renewed lens. This gives your images even more photographic power. However, while the new macro photography on the iPhone 13 is great, we know that some users have encountered problems using it effectively. If you are one of the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max users who encounter obstacles in your shooting due to the iPhone 13 Auto Macro Mode feature, I have an easy solution. I explain what the problem with the new macro mode is and how you can easily fix it.

iPhone 13 Auto Macro Mode

Typically Apple doesn’t let you decide when you want to shoot. It allows you to take close-up shots from just 2 cm away. 

In fact, it’s a great idea that can encourage those who are not camera savvy to take better close-ups. But of course, not everything is as it seems in the advertisements. Some users complain that there is constant switching between wide and ultra-wide lenses at certain distances. Taking these complaints into account, Apple promised that the next software update will let you disable automatic lens switching

Fortunately, Apple kept its word and made a switch to disable Auto Macro on the iPhone 13 series in the latest beta of iOS 15.1. Currently available only to developers, there is no firm release date for iOS 15.1 publicly available yet. However, those who signed up for the iOS 15 Public Beta are expected to access it in the coming days. 

While Auto Macro is basically a simple toggle that you can disable in the Settings app, it has some requirements:

1. An iPone 13 Pro or Pro Max

The new macro mode is exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro series. That’s because of the new upgraded wide-angle lens that allows new phones to use macro mode. While this is a useful feature, you need to have your new iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max to really find the setting. Users with other phones cannot see the Auto Macro setting.

2. iOS 15.1 or Newer

If you are an iPhone 13 Pro series user, make sure you are using the latest iOS 15 version to get the feature and then read on.

How to Turn Off Auto Macro on iPhone 13?

  1. Open the ‘ Settings  ‘ app.
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13
  2. Scroll and tap to find ‘ Camera ‘ from the list.
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13
  3. You will see a list of options.  Scroll all the way down to find the ‘  Auto Macro ‘ toggle. To disable it,  simply tap it once  .
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13


And that’s it. The Auto Macro feature has been disabled on your iPhone and will remain that way unless enabled again. This will save you from intermittent lens replacement. However, keep in mind that you will now have to do the macro shots manually since you turned it off. 

iPhone 13 How to Take Manual Macro Shots?

When you turn off the iPhone 13 automatic lens switching mode, you can now take macro shots manually. However, this is extremely easy, don’t worry at all. Simply follow the steps below and apply.

  1. Open the Camera   app.
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13
  2. Switch to ultra wide lens using (.5)  icon .
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13
  3. Move the camera closer to the subject you want to capture and  just touch the screen to focus  .
    how to turn off auto macro mode on iphone 13

Yes, this is how you can take manual macro shots on the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. If you don’t like shooting manually after removing the auto macro feature, repeat the above steps to reverse the setting.

But what if you haven’t signed up for the developer beta? Is there anything you can do to stop the Auto Macro technology on iPhone 13? Surprisingly, yes, and much simpler than you might think.

You can stop the iPhone 13 from automatically switching to macro mode by closing the ultra-wide lens with your finger when you get close to the spot where you’re going to take the photo. It may not be a perfect solution and will likely leave fingerprints on your ultra-wide camera. But this is an easy and temporary solution while we wait for Apple to fix all the bugs.

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