How to Turn Off iPhone AutoCorrect?

The iPhone has a feature in an algorithm that catches typos and automatically corrects them. This feature can be turned off and on manually. When iPhone autocorrect off is turned off manually, your typos will no longer be checked.

Some users are not satisfied with the iPhone autocorrect off feature; because you might actually want to type something different than what your phone is correcting. The phone’s algorithm may be taking this as an error and turning it into something else, which can cause you to type meaningless things in your chat.

Turn off iPhone AutoCorrect from Keyboard Settings

Your phone’s autocorrect is turned on automatically unless you change it. Autocorrect can be a savior in English, the iPhone’s native language, because it can give more accurate predictions than Turkish. However, when it comes to iPhone auto-correction, it can sometimes make your job harder instead of making it easier, and it can bother you by making wrong guesses.

It would be wrong if we say that this feature, which is made to provide an easier chat experience for the user, always makes wrong guesses. While the number of times it makes our job easier is quite a lot, when spell checking and autocorrect combined, it can sometimes make inaccurate guesses that cause us to deviate from the main topic. If you send your message without noticing the fixes that autocorrect makes, the chat may go elsewhere; It may even cause irreversible errors. To prevent this from happening, whenever you want to turn this feature off, you can follow these ways to turn it off easily:

How to Turn Off iPhone AutoCorrect?

1- Go to Settings.
2- Press General.

How to Turn Off iPhone AutoCorrect?

How to Turn Off iPhone AutoCorrect?

3- Go to Keyboard.
 Press All keyboards, turn off AutoCorrect.

Turning Off iPhone AutoCorrect from Keyboard

While typing, you can easily turn off autocorrect:

1- Press the Emoji or World button.
2- Press Keyboard Settings.
3- Turn off autocorrect.

Disable Spell Check

When you turn off autocorrect, your phone no longer corrects words it detects as typos. When spell check is turned on, it continues to underline words it detects as typos. You can have a more comfortable chat experience by turning it off! When the underlined word is pressed, the spell checker replaces the incorrect word with the word it suggests.


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