How to turn off notifications about new contacts in Signal

Every time one of our contacts creates an account on Signal, the app sends a notification. The intention behind these notices may be to encourage the use of the service by welcoming newcomers. In any case, the notification of a new contact is more likely to be perceived as tiresome because as a relevant message.

Luckily, there is an option to customize the app’s notifications in Signal’s settings. First you call up the settings by clicking on your own profile picture.

Access to the app settingAccess to the app setting

Then tap Notifications.

Settings for notificationsSettings for notifications

Scroll to the bottom of the list of options until you find the entry Events. There you will see a single option called Contact joined Signal. By default it is enabled.

Notification of each new contact in the signalNotification of each new contact in the signal

Disable this setting using the slider on the right side of the screen.

Notification of new contacts is turned offNotification of new contacts is turned off

Once you’ve done this, notifications about one of your contacts joining Signal will no longer bother you.

In this area it is also possible customize other notifications. For example, you can enable notifications when you receive a call or a new message. It is also possible to change the sound for each notification, the color of the notification LED if your device has it, enable vibration or define the display of certain selected content in the notifications. Finally, you can ask Signal to remove the sound within conversations or repeat notifications. From our side, we recommend that you take a few minutes for these settings in order to tailor the user experience to your needs as much as possible. Keep in mind that notification options are not synced to other devices.

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