How to Turn Off Windows Update Updates Setting?

How to Turn Off Windows Update Updates Setting?

Regardless of the operating system installed on the computer, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or other old systems will receive new updates as long as Microsoft gives its support and does not withdraw its hand. The main task of Windows Update , also known as Windows Update , is to make all updates related to the operating system, such as closing vulnerabilities on the operating system, preventing attacks that may come with new patches, fixing errors or incompatibility problems between hardware and driver thanks to feedbacks when the operating system is new.

How to turn off Windows Update in this topic ? How to do it by giving information about it We will try to explain it.  Why is Windows Update shutting down in general? Because Windows Updates usually checks for updates in the background, for those who have a quota, it can cause the quota to be full, and if it has low hardware, it may cause the computer ( pc ) to slow down because it will run in the background, or if there are those who use illegal operating systems, Windows Update can be turned off to prevent the computer from shutting down with updates. .

How to Turn Off Windows Update?

How to Uninstall Windows Update? We can apply this question in two different ways. The most practical one is that we can turn it off via the control panel, and the other is the possibility to turn off Windows Update via the Local Group Policy Editor .

  • Shutdown via Windows Update Control Panel;

 You follow these steps in Computer > Control Panel > Windows Update . or by opening any folder on your computer and pasting the ” Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update ” address to the folder address, you can access it directly.

Change Settings 

Change Settings > we entered this step and now there are four different steps in the warning, you can optionally perform the windows update.

  1. Install updates automatically (recommended)
  2. Download updates, but let me decide whether to install them
  3. Check for updates, but leave the decision to download and install to me
  4. Never check for updates (not recommended) 

When you mark the option written in red above, you will have done the windows update shutdown action. Turning off updates is actually not a good thing, your computer will remain unprotected against viruses and hacks as it is not closed with patches.

How to Turn Off Windows Update Via Local Group Policies?

How to Turn Off Windows Update Updates Setting?

It seems that the method I gave above sometimes does not work, no matter how fast you want to remove windows updates by enabling the setting to check for updates quickly, this setting sometimes opens by itself, or I don’t know what I perceive it to be, but generally the method I use the most is Group Policies for Windows Update Uninstallation . I’m closing it.

Let ‘s open the run window by pressing the win + r keys together . Let’s open the ” Local Group Policy Editor ” settings by typing the gpedit.msc command in the Run Window .

  • Computer Configuration
  • Management templates
  • Windows Components
  • Windows Update
  • Configure Automatic Updates

We follow these steps and open the Configure Automatic Updates  setting on the right, select the unconfigured setting as “ Disable ”. After the Application > OK section, press the win+r keys again and update the local policies by typing the “ gpupdate ” command in the run window.

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