How to turn Play Protect on and off in Google Play

A point that often scares us is that the security of our smartphone could be compromised by a virus. And one of the ways malware can enter our phone is through app installation. To avoid this type of problem, Google introduced Play Protect, a system that analyzes our device to avoid any possible problem that may arise.

Of course, if this system doesn’t convince you, you always have the option to disable it. And it’s a completely reversible process, so you can turn it back on if you regret it. Therefore, in this article we want to explain how you can activate and deactivate this mode. It’s a very simple process but not very intuitive, that’s why it’s interesting to know how to do it step by step.

How to disable Play Protect

Play Protect is on by default, but you can turn it off at any time by following these steps. First go to the on your smartphone Play Store. At the top right, click on the icon with your profile picture.

Tap on the profile pictureTap on the profile picture

tap Play Protect.

Click Play ProtectClick Play Protect

In the next window, tap on that gear icon in the upper right Ec

Tap on the gear iconTap on the gear icon

Disable the two tabs that are enabled by default.

Disable the tabsDisable the tabs

If you turn it off, a message will appear asking if you want to turn off application scanning. Click on Turn off

Confirm that you want to disable themConfirm that you want to disable them

Play Protect will now be turned off and Google will stop scanning apps on your smartphone. Before disabling Google Play Protect, you should make sure that your device is protected against all types of software threats by other mechanisms. Note that this tool will help protect your phone or tablet. One of its functions is to check if the apps you want to install from the Google Play Store are sure before you download them. It also warns you if there are apps on your device that might be harmful and can even delete some of them just to be safe. It also scans your device for apps from other sources that might be dangerous or malicious. To do this, Play Protect stops the potentially malicious application and then sends you a notification or automatically deletes it.

So aktivierst du Play Protect

If you regret after disabling this protection system, the process to re-enable it is very similar to the previous process. You need to follow the same steps with the two disabled tabs showing in the Play Protect settings. Swipe up again to turn it back on.

Activate the tabsActivate the tabs

Once this is done, your phone is protected again and the apps are regularly checked for possible problems.

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