How to unlock and play with Carl in Brawl Stars

As with other brawlers, you must open all Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes and Mega Boxesthat fall into your hands to get Carl. For this you have to do two things: go through the Trophy Road (where you sometimes get them as a reward), complete the seasonal trophies (with activated Brawl Pass you have more chances) or buy gems with real money to exchange them for crates.

Carl is a Super Rare character, which means he’s a little easier to get than the Epic, Mythic, and Legendary characters (but not too easy either). These are the drop percentages for this brawler:

  • 1.17% in Brawl Boxes
  • 1,20% in Big Boxes
  • 1.20% in Megaboxes

The percentages are slightly higher than other categories, but still very low. Getting new brawlers by opening crates is a process where you start paying for your love for Brawl Stars. It costs blood, sweat and lots and lots of crates that will only spawn coins and powerpoints.

Carl is a very useful character for almost any situation. He only owns one shot, though its beak works like a boomerang, dealing damage on the way there and back (and not a little). On top of that, this brawler is capable of attacking from quite a distance and is almost always deadly.

It shines in Heist, Gem Grab, Siege, and even Showdown game modes, but it will give you great results in almost any situation you use it in.

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