How to update Google Play Store

The first thing you need to do to update Google Play is Find out if a new version is available. To check this, locate and go to the Settings application on your device. From there, scroll down and tap Apps & notifications or another similar entry that grants access to the full list of installed apps. Menus may vary by Android version, customization level, and manufacturer.

Access to the list of installed appsAccess to the list of installed apps

Tap here App-Info.

Presse App InfoPresse App Info

In the full app menu, search for Google Play and tap on its entry in the list.

Press Google Play StorePress Google Play Store

Now go to the bottom of the screen and make note of the version number you see.

Installed version numberInstalled version number

Compare this version number with the download number that you can find at the end of this guide. Do they agree? In this case your app is up to date and you don’t need to do anything else as you already have the latest version.

However, if our version number is higher than that of the installed Store app, it’s time for an upgrade. Tap the green download button at the bottom of the guide and grab the APK file. When the download is complete, locate and tap the file in your downloads directory. In the new window you will be warned that the app already exists and you will install an update. Confirm by tapping the lower right corner of the screen To install.

Press Install to install the updatePress Install to install the update

A few seconds later, the process will be complete, an on-screen notification will let you know, and you can open Google Play from this window by clicking Open or tap the corresponding icon in your app menu.

New version installedNew version installed

The Google Play Store is a native app in most cases, so it might seem a bit strange that this tool is also updated, but it is regularly renewed to add new elements and implement security improvements. It usually updates itself automatically without you having to do anything.

Another way to check if your version of the Google Play Store is up to date is to tap the three-strip menu in the top-left corner of the app’s home screen. Tap on settings and scroll down to the Play Store Version line. Gently tap on this option and the application will tell you whether it is up to date or not.

Google Play will notify you that a new version is availableGoogle Play will notify you that a new version is available

If there’s a new version, you should be able to update from there too.

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