How to update Lucky Patcher

It is important that you always use the latest versions of your applications. At Malavida, we always encourage you to check for updates to the software you have installed on your device. This is really important not only to enjoy the latest developments but also to avoid bugs and fix errors. To the Update Lucky Patcher quickly and easilyfollow these steps.

First open the main menu of the application. To do this, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.

Open main menuOpen main menu

Then use the button Update Lucky Patcherto check for an update.

Check for a new versionCheck for a new version

If you get the message you see in the image below, it means you already have the latest version.

Last installed versionLast installed version

If not, the new version will be installed automatically. We recommend that you make this an automatic process. To do this, open the main menu again and then click on Settings.

Open settingsOpen settings

Scroll down until you see a setting called Disable Auto-Update find. Make sure the checkbox is unchecked.

Enable automatic updatesEnable automatic updates

Usually, automatic checking for new versions is enabled by default. If you prefer to check for new versions manually, check the box. After that, the Lucky Patcher no longer connect to its serversto check for an update to your application.

Lucker Patcher is a popular modifier for applications, especially video games, that allows you to unlock features and access hidden areas. This makes it easier to advance in a game or gain an advantage over your opponents. For an easier and safer download, use the link that we provide from Malavida and remember that installing such applications always at your own risk he follows.

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