How to update signal

Keeping your device’s software up to date is essential to get the latest security patches and enjoy more stable operation. This does not only apply to the operating system. It is too important that you have the latest versions of your favorite applications. In this article we will focus on Signal and explain how to install the latest version of the official client.

How to upgrade Signal from Malavida

At Malavida we always provide you with the latest versions of each application. So when you download an APK from our servers, you can be sure it’s the latest version.

Before you update Signal, check which version you already have installed. To do this, press and hold the icon and then tap App Info.

Open the information of SignalOpen the information of Signal

Then, on the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the list and check the version of the application.

Check current versionCheck current version

With that number in mind, switch to the Signal tab on Malavida and check if the version matches. If the numbering available on your phone is lower, you need to update Signal. use Download to go to the download page.

Download new versionDownload new version

On the download page, tap one last time Downloadto get the APK file.

Start downloading the Signal APK in MalavidaStart downloading the Signal APK in Malavida

Click on Open, once the file is downloaded. This button is located in the displayed message that the browser displays at the bottom of the screen.

Open the APK of the new versionOpen the APK of the new version

Click on Installto update signal.

install updatesinstall updates

Once Android has finished installing the update, you’ll be able to use Signal again as usual and enjoy all the new features.

How to update signal via Google Play

Developers use the Google Store to distribute their new versions. Therefore, it is also possible to pull the latest version of an application from the store. To update Signal from the Google Play Store, you need to use the search engine and go to the Signal tab.

Search for Signal in the Google Play StoreSearch for Signal in the Google Play Store

Then tap Updateto start the update process.

Update app via Play StoreUpdate app via Play Store

When Google Play has finished updating Signal, tap opento open the application and use its new features.

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