How to Use EZ Package Disabler?

I found it appropriate to explain how to use EZ Package Disabler, which is one of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to battery, processor and memory saving .

EZ Package Disabler – Step-by-Step Instructions for Use

Samsung smartphones have many features. There are also advertising companies that Samsung has contracted with. All these features and advertisements are embedded in the smartphone. Not every user can use all these applications. Therefore, these unused applications make “unnecessary space occupation”. These can unnecessarily use the phone’s processor, memory and battery to prevent the phone from showing its true power.

Although the applications that we consider as unnecessary vary from user to user, there are generally unnecessary applications in common. These unnecessary applications are called bloatwarein the developer language (in English) .

In this article,  I will tell you how to block these “bloatware” applications without rooting and taking the phone out of warranty .

STAGE 1:  Purchase and Download EZ Package Disabler (Samsung) App


I’m sorry to say that this application is paid and quite expensive. There are alternatives on the market, but I have to say that this application that really works is definitely worth the money. It is constantly updated, works fluently, does not require an extra permission, and has very nice features that make our work easier.

App Purchase Link: EZ Package Disabler (Samsung)

STAGE 2: Run EZ Package Disabler

When you run the application, it will ask you for administrator permission. Provide this permission. The screenshots below will help you.

Note: Your internet connection must be active before running this application. Otherwise, license verification will fail and you cannot use the application.

STAGE 3: Disable an App

Thanks to the feature of the EZ Package Disabler, you can disable even system applications that are not normally possible to disable. Now let’s detect and disable an unnecessary application or package.

I will disable the ANT + DUT package as a sample application . What I will do is:

  1. I tap on the ANT + DUT package in the Possible bloatware category .
  2. There are details about the application in the window that opens. One advantage of EZ Package Disabler is that the vast majority of bloatware is disclosed. I read what the application does in the Description section. You can use Google Translate on this subject . If I had belief in me whether I DISABLE I touch on it.
  3. You will see a warning briefly displayed on the screen as Disabled “com.application extensions” . You will also see that the green sign opposite ANT + DUT turns into a red sign. This means that the package was successfully disabled.

Practical tip: You can disable it directly by tapping the green mark opposite the package.

You can see screenshots of this stage below:

That’s it. Now you have learned how to disable apps and packages. Now I’ll go over other features and information.

Enabling a Disabled Application

Tap on the app you disabled and tap on ENABLE in the window that opens .

Practical tip:  You can disable it directly by tapping the red sign opposite the package.

Disabling Only “Bloatware” Qualified Applications and Packages in Batch

One of the nice features of EZ Package Disabler is that you can get rid of most “bloatware” without any hassle by simply disabling unnecessary components in bulk.

To do this, tap on the three line icons to the left of the EZ Disabler title while on the app’s homepage. Then confirm the question by saying OK . You will see that all “bloatware” is disabled within 2-3 seconds.

You can see the screenshots of this feature below:

Enabling All Disabled Packages

If you want to update your phone or if for any reason you believe that your phone is broken or a feature you want to use has become unavailable, you can activate all applications collectively instead of searching which application should be activated.

To use this feature, tap the three line icons to the left of EZ Disabler while on the app’s homepage. Tap on Enable all packages . Confirm the incoming warning by saying OK . You will soon see that all packages have been activated.

You can see the screenshots of this application below:

Save and Restore Your Bloatware List

Another nice feature of EZ Package Disabler is that you can save the list of the packages and applications you have disabled and restore them to the application.

The advantage of this feature is that you have activated all packages from within the application before updating the phone. However, you do not bother to disable these packages one by one after the update. By restoring your own list, you can ensure that the applications you selected remain inactive as before.

To use this feature; Tap the three line icon to the left of EZ Disabler. Tap on Export disabled list to XML . Then a window will open. You can leave the file name unchanged or change it from this window. Then save the file by tapping SAVE . You can find the file you saved in the phone memory.

Click here to download the file with my own bloatware list for users with Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat model) .

You can see the screenshots of this application below:

To import the list you exported; Tap the three line icon to the left of EZ Disabler. Tap on Import disabled list from . From the window that opens, tap on the file of the list you saved most recently in Device memory. Import the list by tapping OK at the top right . Thus, all packages registered in your list will be disabled.

You can see the screenshots of this application below:

Repairing a Corrupted EZ Package Disabler

If the app is corrupted for any reason and is no longer working, do the following:

Go to Settings> Lock screen and security> Other security settings> Device administrators and tap the active icon opposite EZ Disabler to disable it. When you do this, you will see another screen, click the DISABLE button. Say OK to the incoming alert .

Then go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager> EZ Disabler and tap the REMOVE button to uninstall the application.

After doing this, install EZ Package Disabler on your phone again from this link and run it.

That’s it, you will have fixed the broken EZ Package Disabler.

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