How to use Lucky Patcher WITHOUT rooting your device

The operation of Lucky Patcher is the same for rooted and non-rooted devices. Using Lucky Patcher without superuser permission is possible. However, you should keep in mind that not all functions will be available. Below we explain what you can and cannot do without root access.

First, it is too without root possible to modify applications. So you can e.g. For example, remove ads from a game or get certain resources to lower a game’s difficulty. First, open the options menu by tapping on the application you want to change, then tap Patch menu.

Changes menuChanges menu

As you can see the only option is “Create modified APK file“. This is because Lucky Patcher cannot modify applications directly on non-rooted devices, it has to extract the APK file, modify it, and then install it.

Creating a modified APKCreating a modified APK

The next menu allows you to apply multiple patches at once.

Apply multiple patchesApply multiple patches

On the other hand, it can eliminate the license check.

remove licensesremove licenses

Of course, it is also possible to delete ads from Google.

Remove adsRemove ads

Finally, it emulates in-app purchases with the option APK for InApp and LVL emulation rebuild.

Remove adsRemove ads

Even without root access, it’s still possible to extract the installation files in APK format of any app installed on your device. This allows you to have a backup and install it on any Android device without using the application store.

Remember that you do not have superuser rights lose some interesting features will. For example, you won’t be able to get rid of bloatware, those pre-installed applications on your device that are impossible to uninstall. Also, you don’t have the ability to change permissions, delete ODEX files, or freeze applications. To illustrate, here is a screenshot from the Tools menu after granting Superuser privileges to Lucky Patcher.

Rooting your device to use this tool is up to you. Remember that using Lucky Patcher without root is much safer. The lack of extended privileges can be seen as a safeguard that prevents unwanted changes. Applying patches to certain applications can result in data loss or even permanent disabling of your device.

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