How to use Netflix Party on Android devices

Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows you to chat with your friends and family about different series and movies. That way it feels like you’re watching together even if you’re thousands of miles apart, making watching less lonely. The problem is that this is a Google Chrome extension. And Chrome extensions are only available for PCs, so you can’t use Netflix Party on your mobile device. Fortunately, there is an interesting alternative that can achieve a similar effect. It’s Rave, a completely free app that lets you use pretty much the same functionality as Netflix Party.

How to install Rave for Android

As with any app you want to use, the first step is to install it on your device

When the app finishes installing, look for its icon in your app menu and tap on it to open the interface and view the options.

Open the Rave appOpen the Rave app

When you open it, sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or email account. The app can’t post on any social network on your behalf, so you can use any account without worrying about anything else.

log inlog in

She will ask for your permission on yours Beingrt to access. The goal is to find people in your area to discuss your favorite series and movies with. Give her permission to do this.

Grant location permissionGrant location permission

How to set up and use Rave with Netflix

Click the + sign at the bottom.

Tap the + iconTap the + icon

Select the service you want to see content from, in this case Netflix. You can also use Rave to watch content from other platforms like Prime, Diney + or Youtube.

Select the Netflix optionSelect the Netflix option

get in touch with your Netflix account or platform anfor which you want to use this application.

Start Netflix sessionStart Netflix session

Choose the content you want to comment on. If you choose more popular content, it will be easier to find users who are willing to comment on it with you.

select contentselect content

Choose to comment with everyone, your loved ones, your friends, or just the people you’ve invited. This way, you can opt for a casual chat with your friends or use a series as a base to meet new people.

Choose who to comment on the content withChoose who to comment on the content with

Check out the content and chat with other people watching at the same time.

View the content while chattingView the content while chatting

The great advantage of this tool is that you can enjoy the content with your friends who are far away. But if you can’t find anyone in your immediate area who watches the same series or likes the same movie as you, you also have the opportunity to find new people. So if you want to make the process of watching a movie or series a little less lonely, Rave is the app you need to keep you company.

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