How to use Signal and how it works

Signal is a messenger app that boasts a large number of options in one simple and minimalist user interface excellent. Because of this, getting started is very easy. To use Signal, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Open the official client and click Continueto start the sign-up process.

Start signing up on SignalStart signing up on Signal

In the pop-up window, Signal will remind you that it needs some permissions to work. tap Continueto continue.

Allow access to contactsAllow access to contacts

Now use the button Allowto grant the necessary permissions.

Allow access to contacts and grant other permissionsAllow access to contacts and grant other permissions

Enter your phone number and click Continueto continue.

Enter phone numberEnter phone number

Signal will text you a verification code. Enter it in the number field.

verification codeverification code

Create a PIN to increase the security of your account. Use the button Continueto continue.

Creation of a security PINCreation of a security PIN

After this process, you now have a Signal account. As you can see, the application’s home screen is very simple. If you want to start a conversation, you need to tap the blue button with the pencil icon.

Send a new message with SignalSend a new message with Signal

Then select a contact or create a new group.

Start a chatStart a chat

In the chat itself, there are several options worth mentioning. For example, you can initiate a voice call or a video call.

voice and video callsvoice and video calls

It is also possible to send voice memos and photos.

Send voice notes and callsSend voice notes and calls

To send other content, you must use the blue button with the plus symbol and select an option. It is possible to send documents, contacts, locations or GIF animations.

Send other contentSend other content

By now you’ve probably noticed how easy it is to use Signal. But what about your customization options? To access the app settings, first go back to the main screen and tap on your avatar.

Open signal settingsOpen signal settings

In Settings you can set Signal as the default application for reading SMS and MMS.

Use Signal as SMS readerUse Signal as SMS reader

There are also some privacy settings. You can reach them by clicking Privacy click

Change privacy settingsChange privacy settings

In the area Privacy you have the option to turn off read receipts, prevent others from taking screenshots on the fly, use the keyboard in incognito mode, and more. We recommend that you invest some time in customizing these options as much as possible.

All privacy optionsAll privacy options

Finally, you can change the look of the user interface using the menu option Appearance customize or other devices about Linked devices associate.

Other options in SignalOther options in Signal

Once you’ve followed the steps mentioned in this article, you’re ready to make Signal your favorite messaging app and customize it to suit your needs.

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