How to use stickers in WhatsApp

To use the stickers on WhatsApp, first open any conversation and click on the Emojis button:

Button to open the emoticonsButton to open the emoticons

Then click on the icon to the right of the three that appear at the bottom of the screen:

Button to access the stickersButton to access the stickers

You will land in the Stickers tab. Click on any of the categories to see their content:

Gallery stickersGallery stickers

Click on the one that interests you the most to send it to the conversation:

Stickers createdStickers created

And that’s it, it’s that simple to use the stickers on WhatsApp. You can learn more about the stickers tab of the App find out when you click on the cross button:

Button to add more stickersButton to add more stickers

Alternatively, you can use apps like to add pre-made sticker packs to WhatsApp or even create your own.

WhatsApp wasn’t the first App of their kind that has these kinds of advanced emoticons built in. Long before the stickers got here, Line had already conquered the Japanese market with them (some even had to be bought with real money). Later, Facebook Messenger added it to its list of features, but WhatsApp took a long time to ask.

Despite Line’s attempts to mainstream the idea for the Sticker Shop outside of Japan (which didn’t happen as the App was not very widespread), we only saw a boom in these elements when WhatsApp decided to integrate them. Today their use is widespread worldwide and one can find very well made collections to expand one’s repertoire.

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