How to use the stink bomb in Fortnite

Once we’ve selected the stink bomb in our inventory, all we have to do is click tap the throw icon to throw them forward. In the game itself we can see the direction and point where the stink bomb will fall before throwing it.

Tap on the drop object iconTap on the drop object icon

Stink Bomb Effect

The Stink Bomb creates a small cloud of poison wherever it is thrown. When we’re inside the cloud we lose 5 health points each time. This cloud lasts for about 9 seconds, enough time to drain up to 90 life from a player still inside it.

It should be noted that the stink bomb, like the storm or the waterfall, only takes away life points. In other words, we could be eliminated by losing all life points even if we have a lot of shield.

Stinkbombe toxic WolkeStinkbombe toxic Wolke

Primordial Stinkbow

The primeval stink bow would be like an evolution of the stink bombs. With the bow we can have a lot more arrows and the effect is much greater when we hit the opponent because with the arrow alone we would drain a good amount of life points and/or shield. In addition, it is possible much more precise and shoot where we want with more range than stink bombs.

Stink bomb in creative modeStink bomb in creative mode

Availability of the stink bomb

The Stink Bomb isn’t always available in Fortnite’s Battle Royale modes. As usual, Epic Games rotates the weapons and items that appear each season so there aren’t too many different ones.

However, we always find this item on our island in creative mode when we click on the tab consumables walk.

The Primordial Stinkbow can do more damage when the arrow hits the enemy.The Primordial Stinkbow can do more damage when the arrow hits the enemy.

While not a very harmful weapon, the stink bomb is useful in certain situations, particularly when the opponent tries to heal while in cover.

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