How to use Tinder without a phone number

Tinder has probably become the most popular dating app. But there’s one thing that puts many users off: to create an account, you have to provide your phone number.

Even if you create your account with an email address or via Facebook, you must provide a phone number. You will then receive a code under this number, which you must enter in order to verify your account. Therefore, it is not possible to open an account on Tinder without an active number.

Out of whichever reasons, you might not want to give your phone number to a dating app. While it’s a bit complicated, there’s an option that lets you do it without compromising your privacy.

How to use Tinder without my phone number

We already mentioned that you need a phone number to open a profile on Tinder. But it doesn’t have to be your own phone number be.

  • The easiest way to open a Tinder profile without giving out your phone number is for someone else who doesn’t have a profile to allows you to enter his number. After all, the phone number is only needed when activating the profile.
  • But it’s not always easy to find someone who will “lend” you their number to create a Tinder profile. The alternative in this case is to create a virtual number. This is a fake phone number that cannot be found on any smartphone, but on which we can receive an SMS to activate the profile.

Go to Sellaite's website and select one of the virtual phone numbersGo to Sellaite’s website and select one of the virtual phone numbers

How to create a fake Tinder number

An interesting option for this is the Sellaite website. There you will find several virtual numbers that you can enter when creating your Tinder account. Copy one of these and paste it into the Tinder app when you create your profile.

Enter the relevant phone number in the Tinder appEnter the relevant phone number in the Tinder app

Then go back to Sellaite and click on the dialed number to see all the messages she has received. There you will find the message from Tinder with the code you need. Finally, go back to Tinder and enter the codethat you found in the SMS.

Enter the code you received on your virtual phone to log inEnter the code you received on your virtual phone to log in

That way you’ve verified your identity, even if it’s a spoof, and you can create an account on the dating app without having to provide your real information. So if you have a reason why you don’t want your phone linked to a dating tool, you can avoid it if you want.

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