How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same Android phone

There are different ways to use two different WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

Use the Android user profiles to have two WhatsApps

This option requires us to create at least two different profiles to install a WhatsApp client on each of them. This option is only available from Android 5.0.

Show the top menu of notifications in your Homescreen on. Repeat the process to see the full menu options in one view and tap the small user icon with a person’s bust.

Look for the user bust iconLook for the user bust icon

choose Add user and confirm the process in the warning window that appears.

Click Add UserClick Add User

Now the configuration process of the second account will start, which will ask you for email (not mandatory), name for the second account, various permissions, etc… When you’ve done all that and you have the Android interface of this second account in front of you, download and install WhatsApp and configure the app with your second phone number.

From now on you have two WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone. The only problem is that you have to switch between the two Android users to be able to send and receive messages, it’s not possible to use them at the same time.

Clone apps to have two WhatsApp accounts

The second alternative is to use applications that with which we can clone apps. The brand or manufacturer of the phone doesn’t matter as all models are compatible. It is also not necessary to have a dual SIM phone or advanced knowledge. All you have to do is verify the phone number of the new account, either by changing SIM cards for a short time, swapping cards in a dual SIM phone, or any other available phone you happen to have on hand.

There are several such apps. Perhaps the most popular and recommended by us is the Parallel Space. To do this, you need to download the APK file. You can do that via the green one Download-button and then by following the usual steps to install an app on Android.

We assume that you have already installed the first WhatsApp. Open Parallel Space, it will detect all compatible apps by itself and mark them with a blue tick. Make sure the WhatsApp icon also has this click and click below Add to Parallel Space.

WhatsApp is recognized by Parallel SpaceWhatsApp is recognized by Parallel Space

In the next window you will see the icon for access to your second WhatsApp, i.e. a second app in Parallel Space that runs independently of the first. Click on the app icon.

Second WhatsApp App in Parallel SpaceSecond WhatsApp App in Parallel Space

Accept all necessary access rights for the app to work properly.

Grant any necessary permissionGrant any necessary permission

Within seconds you will see a fresh install of WhatsApp. Then simply complete the registration process for your second number and start chatting.

Second WhatsApp runs in Parallel SpaceSecond WhatsApp runs in Parallel Space

To make opening the app easier, you can create a special icon of this second client on your home screen. You can drag and drop the icon to where you want it, or let the app place it for you wherever you want. Relax, because you can quickly distinguish it from the usual icon.

Option to add a specific icon to your home screenOption to add a specific icon to your home screen

Regarding this method, it should be noted that some smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus or Oppo ship their own app cloning tool by default, so you don’t even have to download Parallel Space. If you use one of these brands, check their settings if you already have a similar tool. The process will change from one manufacturer to another, but it will be very similar to what we have just explained here.

Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the enterprise version of WhatsApp. It wasn’t originally intended for home users, but for convenience it can be used as a client for a second phone number.

Download and install the WhatsApp Business APK by clicking the green Download-Button click here and follow the usual steps.

Once installed, complete the configuration and confirm your second account with your second phone number.

WhatsApp Business initial configurationWhatsApp Business initial configuration

Please note that using WhatsApp Business will turn your account into a business account with the second number and will be visible to your contacts. Also, all your contacts from the personal account will be imported to the business account.

use whatsapp web

The penultimate option is to use WhatsApp Web with your second number in the browser. To do this, however, you must have the second account running on some device beforehand.

Visit the official WhatsApp website using Chrome and click the three vertical dots icon in the top-right corner.

Access to Chrome settingsAccess to Chrome settings

choose Desktop Siteto see the desktop version.

Select the Desktop site optionSelect the Desktop site option

choose WhatsApp Web in the top left corner.

Look for WhatsApp Web in the top leftLook for WhatsApp Web in the top left

Capture the QR code on the screen of your second WhatsApp client when you go to the settings as usual and WhatsApp Web choose

Scan the QR code with your second numberScan the QR code with your second number

From that point on, you will have your first account running on the WhatsApp app and the second on the web browser with your second account.

Use WhatsApp MODs

There are several WhatsApp MODs such as GBWhatsApp which, combined with the official app or the same mods, allow two or more WhatsApp accounts setup on the same phone.

The procedure is as simple as downloading and installing the MOD and configuring it with your second phone number.

But there are two things to keep in mind: WhatsApp regularly bans users, forcing them to use the official client. And not all existing MODs work at the same time with the official version, so we recommend GBWhatsApp since it is one of the MODs compatible with the official version.

Given all the existing alternatives to having two accounts and the risk involved with this method, it is advisable to use one of the alternative methods that we offer. It’s only worth it if the extra features of the MODs are essential for you.

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