How to View Stories on Instagram Anonymously Without Being Seen

Once you view a profile’s Stories on Instagram, your name will be added to the viewers list for each slide. In this way, the user who uploaded the stories can know exactly who viewed them.

There used to be several apps that let you anonymously view and even download other profiles’ stories. But due to changes in Instagram’s policies, it is now necessary to sign in when using such apps. The moment you enter your credentials, watching stories is no longer anonymous.

Luckily, there’s another trick you can use to view a user’s stories without leaving a trace. We’re talking about the StorySaver website, which you can access in any browser using the following URL:


Once you are there, you need to type the user’s name in the text box and click the button Download! click. In our case, we will use the official Instagram profile to test how it works.

Enter your Instagram accountEnter your Instagram account

Scroll down the page to fill out the captcha and prove you’re not a robot.

Full Captcha VerificationFull Captcha Verification

When the captcha is solved, StorySaver will load all available stories from the given profile. They are displayed in the upper area. Tap the play button to view the available stories.

Replay the published storiesReplay the published stories

You even have the option to download individual stories. Just tap the button Save as video under each story.

Save history in memorySave history in memory

The video will open in full screen mode. Click on the three dots menu and select Download.

Download story in video formatDownload story in video format

After you save the story, you can play it as many times as you want and share it with others. The only requirement for this method to work is that the user’s profile is public. Under no circumstances should you follow these steps if you wish to view the content of a private user.

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