How to View WhatsApp msgstore.db file

Hello, in this topic, how is this process about opening msgstore crypt12 file to you followers ? We will try to give information about

Our visitors using our Question & Answer page received questions about how to view or open the Whatsapp backup file.

What is msgstore.db crypt12?

We can say that this file is the database where WhatsApp correspondence is recorded in the database. Conversations are stored under the database file. In this topic, we will explain the process of reading msgstore.db crypt12 file or reading backed up whatsapp files.

How to View WhatsApp msgstore.db file

Reading Backed Up WhatsApp Conversations;

How to open msgstore.db crypt12 file, which is Whatsapp backup file in our topic ? And how to read the correspondence in this on the computer, now we will try to explain it step by step.

Whatsapp chat backup reading;

  • We will provide access to WhatsApp conversations backed up on the computer with third-party software.
  • We install the necessary program on the computer via the address “ ”.
  • We take the “ db ” file containing the database in WhatsApp > Database, where Whatsapp conversations are recorded on the Android phone, and copy it to the computer.
  • We install the WhatsApp Viewer program that you downloaded to the computer.
  • Let’s run this program on the computer and when we open the msgstore.db file with the Open > File option, you can read the whatsapp correspondence from this area.

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