How to watch You TV Player on PC

There are several ways to watch You TV Player on your PC. For the first option that we propose you, you need two things: one Android-App-Playerinstalled on your computer (in this example we use BlueStacks) and the You TV Player APK file. The second option requires the same APK and web browser as Chrome.

How to Watch You TV Player on PC with BlueStacks

First, download the BlueStacks installer and You TV Player APK file by clicking the button here where both components are included.

Then double-click and click to launch the BlueStacks installer Install now:

BlueStacks InstallerBlueStacks Installer

The program will then be downloaded and installed automatically:

BlueStacks InstallationsprozessBlueStacks Installationsprozess

When the process is complete, the program will start automatically:

BlueStacks main screenBlueStacks main screen

Now that BlueStacks is installed and running, we can move on to the second part.

The You TV Player APK file you downloaded in the previous step must look like this image on your PC:

You TV Player APK-DateiYou TV Player APK-Datei

Installation is as easy as double-clicking on it. This will install the application and add it to BlueStacks immediately:

Installing the APK fileInstalling the APK file

In BlueStacks, you can find them in the section My games:

You TV Player installed on BlueStacksYou TV Player installed on BlueStacks

If we click on it, the app started.

How to Watch You TV Player on PC via Browser

There is another way to use You TV Player on PC. Open the application and click the menu button:

You TV Player Latest News screenYou TV Player Latest News screen

Then click View on PC:

Menü des You TV PlayersMenü des You TV Players

You will see a control to activate the view on the PC. Click on it to activate the function:

Button to activate the PC versionButton to activate the PC version

A message will appear telling us that for this method to work correctly, we must not close the app at any time. To continue, dismiss the message by clicking Entendido (Understood) click:

Warning not to close the appWarning not to close the app

When we have done that, a URL will appear that we must enter from a device connected to the same WiFi as our Android device:

URL To display the You TV Player in the browserURL To display the You TV Player in the browser

Enter the URL in a browser and you will see a desktop version of You TV Player open:

You TV Player im BrowserYou TV Player im Browser

If we start browsing the channel list, we will see that it works the same as it does in the mobile application (even better).

How to use You TV Player

As soon as we open the application we will be asked to create an account. We can do this with a Facebook account, a Google account or via our email address:

Options to create an account in You TV PlayerOptions to create an account in You TV Player

Choose the one that suits you best and enter your credentials. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll see something similar to this:

The main screen in You TV PlayerThe main screen in You TV Player

If you click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen, you will be taken to the application’s menu, where you can see which channels you can watch with the app:

Channels in You TV PlayerChannels in You TV Player

Choose the topic that interests you the most. A number of channels will now appear in front of us:

Channel lists sorted by topicChannel lists sorted by topic

Choose what interests you most from this list. On the next screen, click the button Play:

TV station websiteTV station website

The channel will then play:

Content PlaybackContent Playback

And that was it. Now we can enjoy everything that You TV Player has to offer from our computer. As you can see, it is a very simple process that is not difficult at all.

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