How to win games in Brawl Stars

To win games instantly as soon as you land in the Brawl Stars arenas, follow the tips below.

Try to be a balanced player

By “balanced” it is meant that you should always try to have a good balance between defense and attack to keep. In the first few scenes you encounter in the game, you’ll be limited to one or two arenas at most, and the first of those is Gem Grab.

In this scenario, you’re also playing the game that marks the end of the tutorial, so (unsurprisingly) you’ll tend to want to hunt down any gems that appear yourself. So, let it be. It’s of little use to your team if you have all the gems to win the scenario but are eliminated early and have to start all over again. Or, even worse, if the opposing team wins instead.

It’s also no use having the most kills in the game if that doesn’t help you win in the end. Try to distribute yourself to all tasks in the stage. It takes some getting used to, but you can do it.

Don’t be afraid of getting killed

Brawl Stars is a shooting game, so you’re going to die sooner rather than later. Have no Fear of it: Try to devise strategies that allow you to take as little damage as possible, but it’s inevitable that your character will eventually get caught.

That doesn’t mean you become a kamikaze. It’s all well and good that you’re not afraid of death in Brawl Stars, but your team still needs you. You must be able to recognize at what point you must retreat in order to regain some of your health and get back to the front lines of the action.

Keep an eye on the stage and your team

The situation of your team in the arena is very important. For example, the best way to force a direct confrontation that leads to casualties on the opposing side is to lure them to the center of the stage. There are also Rooms where you can hide and heal. It’s worth learning how to use them, as they’re also great for ambushes (this is especially important in Survival mode).

Also, remember that your colleagues will need you at some point. Keep an eye on what they’re doing in another part of the map and rush to their aid when you see things getting tricky.

Divide and conquer

This phrase should become a maxim when playing Brawl Stars. The best way to destabilize the enemy is to try getting him to attack you separately. This greatly reduces its strength and firepower.

The best way to achieve it is to spread the team across the battlefield. It helps if you have previously formed a playgroup or are playing with friends who are easy to communicate with. Remember that strategy is best planned as a team, and for that it is very important to have a solid team.

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