Instagram Account Deletion and Closing Method 2022

We will talk about all your curiosities about Instagram account deletion in this article. In this way , you will learn how to freeze instagram account, delete instagram account and close instagram account .

How to delete an Instagram account?

You are not satisfied with the instagram account you have opened or you want to permanently delete your instagram account . For this, follow the steps below.

Closing Instagram Account Illustrated Lecture 

1. To permanently delete the Instagram account, first continue by clicking the following instagram delete link .

Delete My AccountInstagram

2. Log in to the instagram account you want to delete on the page that opens.

3. You will have an option to tell us why before you go . Continue by selecting the reason for deletion here . Or you  can go to the temporarily close link on this page .


4.  After choosing the reason, you will see a place to delete your instagram account.

Click the option to permanently close my account by typing your password in the box .

5. After doing these, you will have permanently closed your instagram account.


How to freeze Instagram account?

Freezing an Instagram account means temporarily closing the Instagram account . You can reactivate it again later. When you temporarily close your Instagram account, other people cannot see you on Instagram. Nobody will be able to see your profile, photos, likes and comments while your account is frozen.

Instagram Account Freezing via Phone

  1. First of all,  go to the link from the browser on your phone  and sign in.
  2. Click on your thumbnail profile picture in the bottom right and switch to your profile page
  3. Press the Edit profile button
  4. Tap the ” temporarily close my account ” field at the bottom of the page that opens.
  5. After you write why you have frozen your account on the screen that appears, click the ” temporarily close my account ” button and confirm the confirmation window.

Account Freezing via Computer

  1.  Go to in your browser  and sign in.
  2.  Go to . At the bottom , click on the field that says ” temporarily close my account “.
  3. After typing your account closure reason, click on the ” temporarily close my account ” button.
  4. Confirm your Instagram account freezing in the window that appears.

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