Instagram Plus APK Download (OFFICIAL) – Latest Version 2022

Instagram Plus Latest Version apk Download 2022. Anti-Ban is supported. It is the Instagram Plus mode that comes with many more advanced and customized privacy features of Instagram.

What is Instagram Plus?

It is a similar version of Instagram with download feature and many privacy options . With Instagram Plus , you can download photos and videos from Instagram . You can see if someone is following you. And you can view the full size of profile pictures. You can automatically start videos with sound .

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Instagram Plus APK Download (OFFICIAL) Latest Version 2022

Instagram Plus Features

How to download video from Instagram?

    1. You can download videos, pictures, stories and live streams.

    2.  Stories are not forwarded to the other party you viewed . (Activate the feature in the settings)

    3. Even if you read the messages, it will not be reported as read. (Activate the feature in the settings)

    4. You can hide the “writing ..” notification while writing a message. (Activate the feature in the settings)

    5. See profile pictures in full size

    6. You can see if someone is following you when you log into their profile. (following you)

    7. You  can copy comments or friends’ profile descriptions. (long click on text to copy)

    8. You can click the desired link and open it in your browser.

    9. You can directly share the URL for videos or photos. The URL will contain only the photo or video that is not an Instagram page.

    10. You can translate any comment you want into your language.

    11. You can use both the original Instagram and Instagram Plus at the same time.

    12. You can download and use the theme you want or make your own theme. Follow the steps below.

    13. You can play Instagram videos in your favorite video player.

    14. You can enlarge and zoom the photos.

How to Install Instagram Plus?

Step 1:  Download it to your android smartphone or tablet from the link below.

Valid for Android 4.4 and above.

Instagram Plus Download



Latest version

  • You don’t need to remove the Original Insta application from your device to install this package.

Color Preference

1.Dark-Light (Download)

InstAero Default Dark 1



2. Gold (Download)

InstAero Gold 1


3. Red (Download)

InstAero Red 1


4. Extra Dark (Download)

InstAero Extra Dark 1


5. Blue (Download)

InstAero Blue 1


6. Coral Pink (Download)

InstAero Coral Pink 1


7. Green (Download)

InstAero Green 1


8. Light Tone (Download)

InstAero Light Tone 1


9. Light Purple (Download)

InstAero Light Purple 1


10. Light Pink (Download)

InstAero Light Pink 1


GB İnstagram Plus Download

GB Version İnformation

Version: 8.55

File Size: 51 MB

System: Works on Android 4.0 and above devices

Latest version

GB İnstagram Plus Download

Note: If you do not want to remove the Original Instagram, you can use two Instagram at the same time.

Step 3:   Go to phone settings and click Settings ➡ Security ➡ Enable Unknown Sources .

Step 4:  Nowinstall the Apk you downloaded from aboveto your Android device,you can findit in the Download folder .

Step 5: Open Plus and login to your Instagram account or create a new one. 

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