Install Windows 11 On Old Laptop

Install Windows 11 On Old Laptop
Install Windows 11 On Old Laptop
So you got an old laptop which you want to install Windows 11 on but you can’t because your laptop falls under the unsupported hardware banner set by Microsoft. But there is a way to still install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware and Microsoft have even posted a work around on there own Website, link below. Microsoft have also said they may stop you from receiving security updates in the future on unsupported hardware, so install at your own risk.

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Ways to install Windows 11

Download Windows 11

Registry Updates:

create a dword 32 value key and call it

Give it a value of 1

Note: Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

Extend the rollback time to 30days with this code: DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow /Value:30

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27 thoughts on “Install Windows 11 On Old Laptop”

  1. You don't like my comments….I can live with that….BUT what I don't understand is in one video you are telling people do not install on unsupported hardware and in this one you are showing them just that?!! What a joke!

  2. That's not an "old laptop" – that's "one of the earliest laptops that a bloated and privacy-hating OS like Windows 11" will actually run on, a big difference.

    You try your Windows 11 on a Thinkpad T60 from around 2006 with a dual core CPU and 3 GB RAM and tell me how well that runs – because I'll just show you the same laptop running much faster and better with a proper OS like Linux.

  3. How old can an "Old Laptop" be ? Is it just a function of RAM ? And could an old near perfect XP machine with 1GB RAM upgrade done pointlessly years ago (2009) be suitable?
    Update: RAM changed to 1GB. My own memory is shot. And my apologies to the guy who commented (yes, 4GB Max) on this comment earlier. I deleted my post by mistake, and so re-posted.

  4. Well I had to go the Long" way…I installed Win11 on a more modern laptop?…then took the SSD out and placed it in my OLD Lenovo ThinkPad T-420!!!! (i5…quad core….16GB of RAM) and after turning off SecureBoot?…guess which laptop has been running an activated copy of Windows 11?…MINE!>..and while Its "cute"?…I'm a die hard Linux the "threat of using a device with no SecureBoot / TPM stuff isn't an issue for me…I dunno WHY Microsoft thought they could "bully" people into buying new hardware….I think the entire industry was behind them as sales for high-end tech has fallen…people are finding out they would rather EAT or PAY RENT…or KEEP THEIR UTILITIES on than spend on shiny new tech. SO MS doing this?…might backfire on them in the long run…but I guess to each tier own….

  5. I have Windows 11 working on a Thinkpad T440s, Dell E6440 and a old HP Elitebook. Its LIGHTING fast on my Dell. All of these systems are older. I usually dual boot with Linux. I didn't have to search for any drivers as everything worked right away.

  6. I like seeing what old hardware I can install Win11 on, just for fun, I'm actually impressed by what I can get it to reasonably run on. I've installed a very stripped down version of Windows 11 (Project Phoenix) on a very old netbook (remember those?) with an Atom processor and 2GB of RAM. I thought it would never work, because I thought the Atom processor was 32-bit (I guess I'm wrong). It works pretty good as long as you don't play any video. Websites especially crush the CPU cycles, but the Chromium based Edge (not a fan) handled them better than Chrome or Firefox, but still stutters because of maxxing out the CPU cycles. It is a fairly useless netbook with Win11 on it, but this old netbook is basically useless anyway.

  7. I can't imagine why anyone would want to install an operating system on a computer that isn't designed for it
    In my experience there is nothing remotely special about Windows 11 and the chance of bugs and freezes on older hardware makes me wonder why anyone would bother.

  8. Question ?, can I upgrade without losing all my data from Windows 10 to 11. I did an upgrade on my compatible PC last year, and it was faultless I have to say. I lost no data as it was an upgrade and not a clean install. So can I do this for my 7th gen computer ?

  9. Just install Linux on the old hardware and learn to use it then be a windows puppet all your life and buy one of cheap Win 11 mini systems for as cheap as $200 if you have too then have the hassle plus with Linux and there is over 150 versions So you dont have bloat spy wear or Hot air Wind 11ware and its faster So stop giving BAD adivce that people will have to reinstall down the road & lost time learning Linux when win pulls the plug DUM ASS.

  10. image option just says standard or windows to go ….its not giving me a "no tpm or secure boot" option

    have the removed it mayb?…..or do i need the older version of something?

    thanks anyway tho


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