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Iobit Protected Folder Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

Iobit Protected Folder Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

Iobit Protected Folder offers the easiest to password-protect your files and folders on your Windows PC.

This IObit software is designed to password-protect your folders and files from being seen, read, or modified.

It is an ideal tool for anyone who thinks about the security of personal data.

Those who are concerned with the security of their personal data know well that their privacy or confidential information could easily be put into an unsafe situation because of unwanted access either accidentally or intentionally, such as malicious programs, shared computer users, kids, spyware, computer stolen or lost. IObit Protected Folder makes it possible to resolve this problem in a secure way.

It takes only a few seconds for Protected Folder to protect your data. Just drag and drop the files and folders with your mouse and you can hide and protect them from being viewed or modified.

And you don’t need a complex unlock step if you want to see or work with the protected data – Protected Folder allows you to open and deal with them directly in its ‘safety box’. It also inherited the intuitive and easy features of other Iobit software to give a better user experience.

Iobit Protected Folder Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

With the combination of different protection options, the Iobit Protected Folder provides users with multiple levels of folder and file protection.

 Users can hide them from Explorer or other programs so that no one or no program can see them; or choose to deny read access so that others cannot run, copy, or read the protected files, or deny write access to make sure the protected file cannot be moved, deleted, or modified. For maximum protection, users can enable all the protection options.

IObit Protected Folder Pro Free License

Download the installer from the developer page [3.1 MB].

Install the software, and when you launch the application for the first time, create a password.

Next, on the main window click the ‘register’ button, then activate the pro version with the following license code.


Note: The above code offers subscriptions till May 11, 2023.



Iobit Protected Folder Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

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