iPhone 14 Pro’s Always on Display Screen Revealed! (Leak Direct from Apple)

In the beta version of Apple’s application development software Xcode 14, the Always on Display feature of the iPhone 14 Pro family appeared. Shared screenshots reveal that iPhone users will have a simple Always on Display experience.

US-based technology giant Apple will introduce the iPhone 14 family at an event in September . As the promotion day approaches, the cauldron of claims on this subject continues to boil. The latest news sheds light on how  the Always on Display feature, which is said to be on the iPhone 14 Pro models, may look like.

Apple developers use software called Xcode to write applications. Apple is currently dealing with Xcode 14, and the beta version of this application is available to developers. A developer named Steve Moser detected a remarkable lock screen while tampering with Xcode 14. He states that this lock screen reveals the Always on Display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

According to the leak, the Always on Display feature of the iPhone 14 Pro will look like this

iphone 14 pros always on display screen revealed

Looking at the screenshot above, we see that the iPhone 14 Pro will dim the colors when in Always on Display mode . We also see that the widget and other content on the locked screen will be removed and users will be given only a few information such as calendar and clock.

iphone 14 pros always on display screen revealed 2

Steve Moser has revealed that the same Always on Display will also have a glossy version . There is just one confusing issue here. So much so that the beta version of Xcode 14 shows the above images as a lock screen. The app doesn’t show any information about its connection to Always on Display . This brings us to the following conclusion; The screenshots above may be from Apple’s always on display feature, which Apple may offer as part of the lock screen. However, screenshots can also be of a blank version of a lockit screen design.

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