iPhone Ad Blocker Method Easy

iPhone Ad Blocker Method

1. Using iPhone Ad-Blocking Program

Nowadays, we can encounter too many ads in the applications we download or on platforms such as Youtube.iphone ad blocker method easy

1- First, enter Settings from the menu section and click Wifi .

2- Click the i button of the Wifi connection you are connected to .

3- Then click on Set DNS .

4- After making the automatic setting manually , enter the DNS addresses and Click Save.

2. iPhone Ad-Blocking Program

With the iPhone ad blocking application, you will no longer see annoying ads. Ads that distract you and pop up where you need to focus are a thing of the past.

You will not see ads from iPhone ad-blocking programs again. With ADGUARD PRO and ADBLOCK ad blocking applications, which are among the most effective applications, you can spend a comfortable time on your phone with peace of mind.

3. Ad Block Youtube on iPhone

Ad blocking on iPhone If you want to block it on a platform such as Youtube, the most effective way and shortcut will be to download an application. So how can we do it?

1- First, download Luna:Best VPN for iPhone , open it and click on Luna Vpn .

2- After entering the site, go to the Install Luna in 2 Steps section, then click the Download Extension section, then click the Blocking Certificate section. Click on Allow, click on install, it will go to your web page.

3- Finally, go to Settings , enable General, About, Certificate Trust Settings and Adblock Extension .

After doing the steps here, open and close the Luna application, press the home button 2 times and select the applications to block the ads.


iPhone Ad Blocker Method Easy

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