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Hello dear siberkalem.com followers, in this article, I will tell you how to convert photos with .heic extension that we downloaded from iPhone to computer but could not open, to jpeg or png format, how to open them on computer .

Photos we take on iPhone can be saved in HEIC format, which is a special format only recognized by iPhone. If you wish, you can choose not to save as HEIC, save as JPEG, or you can simply convert the photos saved as HEIC to JPEG on your computer. You can find out how to do this for free and in bulk, in our article.

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converte

  • If you want your iPhone to not save your photos as HEIC anymore.
  • First, we click on Camera from Settings on iPhone .
  • After clicking Camera, we click Formats .
  • When we click on the formats ; There are 2 options,
  • It allows it to save our photos as Heic if we choose high efficiency .
  • If we choose Most Compatible , it allows us to save our photos as JPG .

By following the steps above, we can say that the photos you take will be saved as JPG, or we will convert HEIC photos to JPEG on the computer.

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converter

  • There are many programs on the market, I think this is the most suitable program for you, which is free and works.
  • You can download the program from here.

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converter 1

  • From the Start section of our computer , we come to the F heading, find the program’s name FonePaw , click it, and click HEIC Converter Free from the bottom to open it.

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converter 2

  • In the program that opens, you can drag your photos here or click on Add HEIC and add them from there.

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converter 3

  • From the place on the right of the photos we have taken to the program;
  • We choose the format of our photos from the Format section.
  • From the Quality section, we choose how high quality we want our photo to be.
  • On the other hand, Outout Path , we choose where to save the converted photos on the computer.
  • After setting everything up, we click on Convert .

iPhone Heic File to Jpg Converter 4

  • After clicking, the waiting time may increase depending on the number of photos. After the process is finished, you can get your photos from wherever you want to save them.

I hope you liked our article on the subject and found it useful. bye. Siberkalem.com

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