Is Buying and Selling on Wallapop Safe? How to avoid cheating

Wallapop is one of the most popular mobile applications for buying and selling items nationally. Although competitors like Vinted have only recently appeared, this platform already has more than 10 million users. For this reason, and because the money from everyone’s purchases and sales is at stake, it is important to ensure the security of transactions. Below we will tell you if it is safe to buy and sell on Wallapop and how to avoid scams.

Is the Wallapop Thrift Market Safe?

In general is the quick answer: Yes, albeit with qualifications. Of course, it can happen that you come across a scammer when buying or selling on Wallapop, but there are a number of rules and parameters designed to prevent this. First of all, it should be noted that the user in question must register his/her ID on the platform in order to be able to collect the products sold through the app, which is already a security barrier as the identities of the sellers are registered got to.

In addition, there are other measures Wallapop takes to prevent fraud. Verifying that the photos of products uploaded to the app have not been previously published on the web, or warning the buyer or seller of possible risks if it is determined that alternative payment methods have been discussed in the conversation some more examples.

Despite all these safeguards, it’s likely that more issues will arise with in-person purchases or that you’ll receive something other than what you were promised once the product in question has shipped. That’s why here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed.

How to avoid problems buying and selling on Wallapop

  • Always pay via the app with Wallapay: Even if the seller insists on using other payment methods like PayPal, Bizum or bank transfer, the safest way is to use Wallapay because if something goes wrong during the purchase process, Wallapop has your back and gives you your money through Wallapop Protect return. The app also requires sellers to verify their personal information such as ID, full name, and bank details.
  • Check the seller’s profile: Before you buy something, it is advisable to visit the profile of the owner of the product you are interested in to see if he has several things for sale, has a profile picture, has positive comments from other users, enough Has made purchases and sales…all of which can be an indication that this is someone you trust, or the opposite.
  • Be careful with very low prices: or very high prices, because in both cases it is likely that they were intentionally set that way to attract the attention of buyers who think it is a bargain (or a unique collector’s item) and therefore without precautions to rush purchase.
  • Do not buy or sell in remote areas: If you are meeting in person to complete the purchase or sale, it is always advisable to organize the meeting in a central and busy place, preferably in broad daylight. This way you avoid possible thefts or other problems.
  • Talk and negotiate always within the app: This way, if something strange happens, you can report it directly to Wallapop and everything will be recorded. If the buyer or seller asks us to continue the conversation outside of the app (via Telegram, Whatsapp or any other application), you have the right to refuse.

In general, you won’t have any problems buying or selling products on Wallapop. However, should something happen, you can read a series of articles in the “Help Center” in the app’s menu, which describe all possible problems and their solutions.

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