Is Fortnite Addictive?

Malavida’s interpretation is that Fortnite is not an addictive game, here we explain our point of view.

Fortnite doesn’t reward you for playing a lot

First, Fortnite is not a game that promotes an excessive incentive for “addicted gaming”. By playing about 4-5 hours a week it is possible to reach level 100 in each season, which is the last level where we get interesting new add-ons. After this level, those who continue playing just play for fun as they are no longer “rewarded” too much.

on the other hand There are no loot boxes in Fortnitean element heavily criticized in other games, although it has not been proven that these “surprise boxes” encourage youngsters to gamble.

With that in mind, those who play Fortnite for hours are not encouraged to do so by the creators, Epic Games. You have set limitsto prevent their fans from spending too much time on the game.

Definition of video game addiction

It should be clarified that the WHO considers video game addiction to be a disease, albeit it is not treated as an addiction in terms of a harmful substance like drug addiction. Also, addiction can occur with any video game, whether or not it has addictive elements.

Sometimes this addiction occurs with players who want to improve competitively. The result is that games that nobody normally plays for more than 50 hours, such as B. Mario Kart, some end up playing more than 1,000 hours just to try to beat their records or compete against very good players.

In this case the addiction itself has nothing to do with the video game, but with the person. Just like there are people addicted to music or chocolate, there are also people addicted to video games, but they are not among the most common.

What the studies say

We’ve all read that one study proves something is good, and then we read another study that proves the exact opposite. This happens all the time with video games in truth, it is often about specific interests.

For example, former US President Donald Trump blamed video games for the high level of violence in his country. However, in a simple statistical graph presented by Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of Nintendo of America, we can see that in the countries with the highest video game consumption, South Korea and China, the number of firearm homicides 100 times less than those in the US is.

That means everyone has to draw their own conclusions from it. At Malavida, we don’t believe that Fortnite is an addictive game, but it is we encourage parents to set boundaries for their children and taking care of them, especially when they are very young, as they are more volatile.

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