Is it FINALLY time to install Windows 11?

Is it FINALLY time to install Windows 11?
Is Windows 11 still BUGGY or is it FINALLY time to install it?
Is it finally time to install Windows 11 or does it still suck?
I just spent 3 weeks on the road with only a Windows 11 computer and oh boy, did I learn a few things about Windows 11.
So is it ready for that update?
Should you upgrade to Windows 11 or is it still better to wait?


Delete these garbage Windows files!
I wished I knew these BEFORE I updated to Windows 11!

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38 thoughts on “Is it FINALLY time to install Windows 11?”

  1. Hey, I have an idea for a video. It took me about 24hours to figure out how to make my windows 11 touchpad work again. It stopped working in the blink of an eye. I read and tried every fix. Early on I came across instructions on some guru's website to "delete the HID entry" but, it was in the middle of a section on drivers. The Human Interface Devices are not in the drivers section. After taking the drastic step of reinstalling windows 11 (which did not work), I, at last, figured out both where and what a HID device was and deleted the entry. I restarted my laptop and BINGO, the touchpad worked. A video on HID, when and how to use it would be great.

  2. I've been running W11 for about six months on this desktop I built (i7-12700k) and it works fine. Some minor complaints about menus, but I do a lot of gaming and networking stuff and it works just fine.

  3. Aug 20, 2022 purchased two new computers. One a very cheap one and the other about mid price. Only took home the inexpensive computer and began set up. What drove me crazy was all the passwords it needed. Then once it was functioning it was slow as could be. Just shutting it down I had to google. What I forgot at the beginning was I bought them both with windows 11. Not a fan needs an update to be more like windows 10. Plus Microsoft is trying to bring back the monthly charge. Office is only on a monthly or annual charge.

  4. Honestly, the UI of W10 is horrible. I'm considering going for the update now as it looks more appealing. Most of my peripherals are recent so, I hope there are no compatibility issues and an even more optimized version is released in the near future

  5. I have the experience of not connecting to Public Wi-Fi ? Definitely a bug in Win 11.
    Will be going to a Public Place tomorrow night, will see if they corrected it?

  6. I honestly had zero issues going from 10 to 11. I'm an avid gamer and with all my records and testing, my games performed EXACTLY the same on both OSes. I prefer the 3D design and rounded corners in Win 11 to the flat everything in Win10 (it was refreshing coming from Windows 8.1, yes, 8.1), but not it's quite boring to look at. For me it was a matter of if it hampered my FPS at all, I would go back, but now I get to use basically a reskinned Windows 10 (because all the core functionality is the same IMO, even optimisations that work on Win 10 still work on Win 11, files are the same, etc) with a prettier UI in my opinion. If 12 comes out and I can run it, I'll test it and if I don't lose any raw performance, I'll keep it. Simple as that.

  7. Windows 11 back when I first got it last November had problems with the video flickering or just not working…and I had to reboot to get my computer back. They seem to have fixed that but I won't watch a video full screen I don't trust it.

  8. You can't add a toolbar to the taskbar like in Win10, I love the feature. Essentially you just browse to & select a folder to set it up. The implementation is great for quick access, in my case templates. Hoping they will bring it to Win11 as well.

  9. Been on 11 since release, never had any issues and it's always been fast and smooth on my laptop which I also use for gaming and programming. I guess everyone has a different experience. Personally never dragged and dropped to the task bar, I drag and alt-tab to the right application


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